Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas has come and gone...

can you believe it? The Christmas Season has gone by way too fast this year. I can't believe that just in a matter of a few days we will be ringing in the year 2009! HOLY COW. Well Christmas here for the Merrill's was great despite it not really feeling like Christmas. I'm not sure if it was the sunshine of Hawaii throwing me off or the fact that I was away from my family for Christmas for the first time in 21 years. But it was still GREAT! Dillon and I headed down to Shelley Christmas Eve afternoon and later headed to Blackfoot to Gma and Gpa Carter's to celebrate with ALL the Carters. It was also Gpa Carter's 82nd birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDPA! After a little food and chit-chatting the youngest cousins put on the nativity scene for us while Gpa and Uncle Val read the nativity story. All the kids looked so cute! Especially the little baby Jesus, aka the youngest of the Carter cousin's, Will who is only 1 month old! :) After all the kids opened their cousin presents and Christmas PJ's from Gma & Gpa it was time to go back to Shelley and wait for Santa. He found us and gave us some really good stuff! THANK YOU......SANTA! :) (I don't have any pictures of Christmas morning because I forgot to get them from my mom-in-law, sorry...I know you really wanted to see. lol) Christmas Day was filled with LOTS and LOTS of yummy food, hot tubing and some pretty intense card games! Dillon has had to work everyday (except yesterday) since, so I've been pretty dang lazy! :) He also has to work New Years Eve. We're hoping that he can get off at least before 11pm and we'll hurry down to Shelley to bring in 2009 with his family then New Years Day head to SV to spend a few days with my family! YAY! :) Well, that's what we're up to...I hope everyone else had a GREAT Christmas and have a VERY Happy New Years!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


What a week this last week has been...I finally did it and graduated, YAY! It was a great night and a real treat to see and hear from President Uchtdorf. Thanks my mom and dad for coming and thanks to mom and dad Merrill for coming as well! After all the graduation fun Dillon and I hurried and finished packing our bags and headed down to Shelley to stay the night. We had to be up and gone bright and early the next morning to head to MAUI!!! That was an adventure. We woke up to no power and had to just throw on some clothes and jump in the car. It took a good 4 1/2 hours to get to SLC because the roads were not very good at all and we were a little afraid we were going to miss our flight. We got there just in time to hear them announce that our flight had been cancelled because our plane couldn't land and had been diverted to Colorado. They were able to get us on a later flight and were talking with the pilot of our connecting flight hoping he would wait for us. We got into Phoneix, ran (litterally) through the airport and hoped onto the waiting plane and 6 hours later we had made it! I can't believe how beautiful it was there in Paradise! It was amazing! Even the sun there is perfect. It was hot the whole time (mid 80's) but it wasn't deathly hot. I got sunburned but it only hurt for about a day and now is nice and tan (too bad it won't last). It only rained on us for a few minutes on Sunday and the rest of the time was sun, sun and more sun. The only bummer of the trip was when all my money was stolen. Yup, that's right...all my cash was stolen right out of our locked rental car. We were parked in a beach parking lot and had walked down to the beach. I figured that my purse was safer in the locked car rather than on the beach. Well, I was wrong. I didn't even notice it was gone until later that night when we went out to eat. It turns out that Dillon's dad's wallet had been in the car too and all his cash was gone as well. All in all we were out at least $350 with over half of that being mine. I was pretty upset that night but soon got over it as I realized that there was nothing at all that we could do about it. Luckily Dillon's wallet hadn't been in the car so we had a little cash to use. It didn't stop us from going to that beach though, it was the best one we found and we spent basically all our time chilling on the beach and boogie boarding. We did find some pretty sweet beaches that were great for snorkling. We did also go on a snorkling tour thing Monday morning. That was pretty cool despite Dillon and his mom being sea sick the whole time. We got to see lots of cool lookin fish and even swim with sea turtles. One of the days that we went on our own we even swam with a shark. It was just a wee bit scary! lol. Me and Dillon were swimming around and he asked me if I had seen it, I hadn't and he wanted a picture (we had an underwater camera) so we hung around waiting for it to come back out of it's little cave. Sure enough it did. It came out and up towards us a little bit then went back down in. About that time Dillon's mom and little bro came over by us and stayed long enough for them to see it then it was to shore for us women! :) We guessed it to be able 6 ft long, not huge but big enough to make me pee my pants. But it was cool. Other than the beaches we found a little rain forest to walk through (that was AMAZING) and did some shopping in the evenings. On our last night in Hawaii we got to go to a Luau. Those dancers are insane, I can't even imagine being able to move my hips like that! lol. I didn't get many pictures of that night but I will have some as soon as I get them from my mom-in-law. The sunsets in Hawaii are the best I have ever seen! We made sure to stay on the beaches long enough to see the sunset before we went home. On Thursday night all of us girls thought it would be fun to dress up in our Hawaiian get up, find some flowers for our hair and go watch the we did. I know we look so hot but we had just gotten back from swimming all day and didn't really have time to primp, the sun wasn't waiting for us! :) we're home, in all the snow. I miss the Maui sun but am glad to be home for a white Christmas.
Mele Kalikimaka everyone!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


When I first started college I thought it would never end and now here I am at the end and I can't believe it's over. Tomorrow I graduate from BYU-Idaho after being here only 8 semesters, YAHOO!! I decided that it would be fun to go through some of my pictures from the past 3 1/2 years and share some of them with you.............

This is a very small sample of the fun I have had mostly just within the past 1 1/2 years! It's been fun but I'm glad I'm done!!! :)
Now it's off to Hawaii to bask in the sun! I'll be sure to let you all know how it was when we get back.

Monday, December 8, 2008


I can finally eat again!!! No I did not go on a week long anerexia spree or go on a diet (haha ya right!) I just couldn't eat without gettin sick. Well, as I said in my last post, I was a little sick last week. I was feelin better by about thurs but still couldn't eat without feeling nauseous so I just stuck to toast. I made an apt to go to the Student Health Center on Friday but woke up feeling pretty good and cancelled it...well I should have listened to my mom, I ate a little dinner that night and just a few short hours later I had my head back in the toilet. Not to mention not being able to stop coughing and my throat being completely swollen (Sidenote: Aunt Amy, I couldn't sleep at all Wed night I think it was because I was scared I was going to die in my sleep! My throat was so swollen that I had to sit up to swallow and all I could think about was that little gal you knew that died in her sleep because she couldn't breathe. At least I think that was the story! How silly am I?? hehehe). I thought I would get feelin better over the weekend and I did a little bit. I actually ate a little of Sunday dinner that Dillon's mom made and kept what I did eat down (a whole baby scoop of mashed potatoes, 2 bites of roast, and 1/2 a roll. WAHOO!). Well last night sleep didn't happen too much (for me or poor Dillon) because I couldn't stop coughing. So this morning I woke up and made another apt with the Health Center and went in at 1pm after classes. Just as I predicted they told me I was fine! They stabbed me and took my blood (left me a pretty little, I mean big bruise!), gagged me with a throat swab, and made me pee in a cup...all to tell me I was fine. The strep test was negative, the mono test was negative, and everything that the pee test tells them was fine. The only thing the doc seemed a little concerned about was the fact that my protein count (I think) was SUPER high. She thinks/hopes this is just because I haven't been able to eat much but she wants me to come back in 2 weeks to get a UEI (maybe that's what it's called) to make sure my Kidney (or liver, whichever deals with protein) is working like it should be. Can you tell I wasn't listening very well? So 1 hr and 45 mins, $70+, a Z-pack, and anti-nausea medicine later....EVERYTHING IS OK! I really don't understand this though, how can everything be fine and dandy when I haven't been able to eat, sleep, or hardly breathe (not to mention the snot fountain) for the past week??? Interesting. Well when I first left I was just a wee bit frustrated so I called my mommy, cried a little bit, and immediately took the nausea meds. Now, I'm just happy that I have been able to eat tonight!!!! YAY! Now if I could just stop hacking up my lungs!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I know that Thanksgiving is over but I just have to tell everyone how grateful I am for my good health. I know, any of you that know me very well are probably laughing at that statement since I am ALWAYS sick it seems, but really...I am SO grateful for my health. This week I have been very sick. Last night I couldn't go 15 mins without barfing for about 4 1/2 hours (sorry if that's too much information), but I am feeling A LOT better today thanks to a blessing from Dillon and my friend's husband and I finally have food in me for the first time in 3 days. So are you all wondering yet why I'm grateful for health since this post seems a little ironic? Well on Sunday they passed a list around to the Relief Society woman (yes they were nice enough to include those of us stuck in Primary) to sign up to take meals to a couple that just moved into our ward. The wife was diagnosed with cancer a few weeks ago and this couple only got married in October! My heart definately goes out to this new little couple. I can't even imagine what they are going through or how hard that would be to come home from your honeymoon to find out that you have cancer. So, despite being sick this week, I am VERY grateful for my good health and feel very blessed!

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Well, I just spent about 20 mins posting about our Christmas tree hunt yesterday with pictures and everything and right before I went to post it my computer decided to close the internet. So....we'll try this again! :) Yesterday me and Dillon met his family and went to chop us down some Christmas trees. I hate to admit it but this was my first time Christmas tree hunting. It was a lot of fun but definately harder than it looks to find the "perfect" tree. Most of the trees look pretty dang good until you walk up to them! Lol, but we ended up with a couple of good ones. Me and Dillon's looked pretty good until we chopped it down and then looked pretty sad. But after a few surgeries and a little hot is WONDERFUL! :) I love my ornaments too with a HUGE thanks to my mommy who helped me and Dillon make them. They look so good and I love having all of our Christmas decorations up. We don't have a lot but we have enough to make it feel homey and Christmasy! :)

Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Break...

WOW, its Friday...that means that this break is almost over! It has definately gone way too fast but has been so nice. Last Friday when school was over I went home to watch my little bro compete in Mr. SVHS (way to go little dude). Dillon had to work so he stayed home and came up to SV Sunday morning and we stayed until Tues. On Tues evening we headed back here to Rexburg with Emily, Dillon had to work Wednesday night. Me and Em decided to go shopping in IF (everything 1/2 off at Aeropostale!!!) Thurs morning we got up and headed to Utah for Thanksgiving dinner/Christmas party with the whole Hunter clan!! YUM YUM! Thurs night we went from Ogden to Smithfield to stay the night with Gma Brough. Dillon and Jake were having a good old time playing poker with the boys at my aunt and uncle's and didn't come go to bed until after midnight. Dillon was NOT tired when he got to gma's and just wanted to sit and chat. lol, so we didn't get to sleep until about 1:30am. Then a few hours later....oh man...since we were in the big city some people thought we needed to get up and do the early bird shopping! I was NOT going to go until me and Dillon decided to get a video camera for Christmas (what we were chatting about until 1:30)so........I did it! I woke up at 4:36 am to Lacie in my face saying "LETS GO SHOPPING!" way too enthusiatically for being that time of morning! So I crawled out of bed, threw on some clothes, pulled my hair into a beautiful bun on the top of my head (Lyndi you loved it!) and left. Well I had my Christmas shopping done with the first 10 mins but apparently I wasnt off the hook to go back to gma's and sleep. Around 9:30ish we finally got done shopping. It wasn't all horrible I mean: an awesome DVD video camera for $179, free breakfast (twice), and much much more...just ask mom and Lyndi! :) Well, after all this fun we are finally home in Rexburg and Dillon is now at work.
Here are just a few pics for all the fun we've had! :)
These pics are ones from being home in SV. Payzli loved playing with Uncle Dillon... reading books, playing WII...

Like I said...we had Thanksgivin dinner and a Christmas party and of course, Santa HAD to come!

This is my latest craft I did this week. That's a pic of us on our honeymoon, at the beach and the sand and shells we took from that beach all in a glass block. I kinda like it! :)

I tried to upload a video of Cody's talent at Mr SVHS but it wasn't working. Maybe I'll try again later.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Picture Tag

For this tag I had to open my 4th picture folder and post the 4th picture in that folder and blog about it. Well this picture was taken last winter in SV when Dillon came to visit over Christmas break. Dillon, me, Heather, Roy, (Emily came later), all attempted to go sleddin on the dry farms across the street from mom and dad's. Needless to say to snow wasn't very good or very abundant! lol. So this is Roy giving us a push and I believe this was the time down that I broke my butt by crashing ontop of a gigantic rock protruding above the snow! Well I thought it was broke, it hurt SO bad and I could not sit or do anything for about 3 days. Thanks Roy Jean! :)


I have been doing homework and studyin/taking tests literally ALL day so now that I'm mostly done :), I'm gonna take a break and catch up on some long overdue tags.

8 things I am obsessed with right now:
-Counting down the days until Thanksgiving Break
-Counting down the days the graduation/Hawaii
-Gettin all caught up with hmk
-Finding that dang little frog
-That’s pretty well what consumes my life!

8 words or phrases that I often use:
-"I love you, see you later." -Dillon
-"Have a good night at work, I love you." -Dillon
-"How was work? I missed you." -Dillon
-"Um...I have no idea!"-Everyone for pretty much everything
-"Uh, I don't think that will work" -The girls I work with in preschool
-"You can either sit on your mat or sit on my lap. Nope, hiding under the loft isn't a choice." -A certain (very cute) little boy in my preschool class
-"UGH! I have so much to get done." -Anyone that will listen :)
-"What do we have to have done tomorrow (occasionally 'today')? -Usually Dawn or Shelby but anyone I have a class with really

8 shows that I love to watch right now:
-Law and Order
-Jon & Kate Plus 8
-What Not to Wear
-Nature or most anything on Animal Planet (weird, I know)

8 things I did yesterday:
-went to school
-study study study
-worked on preschool stuff
-FINALLY got an internship lined up
-FINALLY told Bro Anderson that yes I can be head teacher again next semester
-made choc chip pancakes for dinner (Dillon was working)
-talked to my mommy

8 favorite place to eat:
-Hard Hat
-Texas Roadhouse
-Craigo’s Pizza

8 things I am looking forward to:
-A week break from school
-Going home to see my family and going to Utah to see the Hunter Clan
-The end of the semester (graduation)
-Having money -- haha
-Having a baby (no this is not an announcement, I just mean someday)
-My internship

8 things that are on my wish list:
-storage space: a spare room, a closet, anything!
-kitchen table (must have a bigger apt first)
-new clothes
-some really cute shoes I saw that week in IF with Shay
-cute home decor
-a bed, of our own, that doesn’t break the second you sit on it
-a washer and dryer of our own (preferably a dryer that doesn’t take over an hour just to dry whites)
-school to be over for me and Dillon

8 people I tag:
-and really…anyone that wants to that hasn’t! :)

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Well this morning Dillon got up bright and early and went to meet Bill and my dad and go shoot some pheasants over in Roberts ID. Since Dillon was going to be gone doing that then had to be home to go to work at 4, I was going to take the chance to go home and spend the day with the girls at mom's house. Well, I looked up the weather and it said it was supposed to snow most of the day here and in SV and I didn't really wanna risk it going alone, in my little car, just for a few hours. So instead, I thought about going with Dillon and the boys just to go along for the ride but I decided it wouldnt be very fun, I'd get cold, and I had too much homework to get done. So I stayed home and this is what Dillon brought me...a whole garbage bag full of pheasant. He plopped them down on our kitchen cupboard and in the kitchen sink and started cleaning them. We didn't have gallon size ziploc bags so I ran to the store real quick for him and got home just in time to see this...(Don't worry, after he was done and left for work I took full advantage of the opportunity to scrub and sanitize the kitchen and our whole apartment actually.) So now we have even more adventurous meat to eat. So far this semester we've had buffalo jerky, buffalo hamburger, buffalo steaks, moose roast, salmon, halibut, antelope jerky (coming soon), and still have some red snapper, ling cod, crab and now pheasant to try! Oh man, nothing like having a family full of hunters and fishers! But don't worry...we've managed to squeeze a little bit of good old beef and chicken in there! :)

Now for a little update and FYI on other things.........
  1. Still no little frog (I really wish he would turn up). I really can't even imagine where he is!
  2. For those asking about the internship ordeal, no we didn't win. The main guy the teachers in my department had been talking to decided to go on a 3 week leave. So when my teachers called his office again the best argument the college could give was that they stongly encourage students to do their internship off campus so they basically make it as hard as possible to get them to apporve one. So now I am looking at my other options for internships in the great town of Rexburg! Good news being tho, keep your fingers crossed, I may be able to do my internship and work at the preschool depending on schedules and such.
  3. Dillon didn't have to work Thurs so we decided to take some time and go get the tires rotated on both the cars (we both got new tires around the same time last year and decided they needed rotated). They told us it would be about an hour (don't worry we took homework) but Dillon's car was done within about 15 minutes. About 10 minutes after that they came to tell me that my tires were rotated but I needed new front brakes soon! So...3 hours and $160 later I got my tires rotated and new front brakes. What a suprise ending to our seemingly innocent adventure of a free tire rotation.
  4. Dillon doesn't have to work Thanksgiving day! YAHOO!!! We're going to go to SV for the first of the week, come back so he can work the middle of the week, head to Utah for Thanksgiving day, and come home so he can work the end of the week!
  5. Only 2 more weeks until Thanksgiving break then only 2 more weeks until the semester is over, I graduate from college (minus the internship), and we go to HAWAII for a week!! YAY!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008


This was Dillon and I's center pieces for our wedding. All the frogs lived (oh maybe 1 died) so my family took a bunch, his family took a bunch, and me and him took one. We left it in the original center piece design and have had it sitting on our dresser. I have been fairly good at taking care of it, changing the water about once a week and making sure there is just the right amount of water so as the little guy won't jump out. One time, about 1 1/2 months ago or so, I got a little too much water in there and he immediately jumped out but we got him back in quick. Well, I changed his water about 3 days ago cuz it was lookin a little shabby. I got just the right amount of water and plopped the little froggie back in there. Well this morning I went to feed him and I couldn't see him. sometimes he likes to hide behind the vase so I lifted it up but he wasn't there. He was nowhere in his little home. I looked around the immediate area but was running late for class so I had to go. I got home from classes and looked everywhere. I moved everything I could but couldn't find him still. Dillon got home and helped me move the dresser (it has a broken leg) and froggie. He had to leave for work so I once again tore EVERYTHING around that area apart and guess what!??!?!? froggie. Well I am all out of ideas so I guess when we move out we will find a little frog skeleton somewhere? (sick I know) He couldn't have gotten too far, I mean look at the size of him and he has to live in water. I really wanted to find him but no luck and I spent 2 hours tearing everything apart and putting it all back together. On the bright side -- he's just a little frog, I got a good excuse to do a little rearranging, and we still have the big frog we caught at Beaver Dick a few weeks ago and there is no way he can get out (his little cage has a lid)!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

How silly of me.....

WARNING -- I'm going to take a moment to vent (sorry).
Well, how silly was I to think that by getting married we would be able to see eachother all the time, I mean, we would be living together. Needless to say this week has been a little frustrating. Dillon is finally on a normal and regular schedule of working Mon, Wed, and either Fri or Sat which I didn't think would be too bad.
Well this was our week this week:
Monday -- Get up and be in class at 9 am, I get home at 1, go get Dillon at 3, Dillon leave for work at 3:45, I do hmk and wait up for Dillon (dozing off and on while reading my scriptures), Dillon get home about 10:45, go to bed.
Tuesday -- I get up and leave at 7:10 (waking up Dillon to tell him bye), Dillon go to classes at 9, I get home around 1:30, Dillon get home around 2, We eat lunch together, I do hmk, Dillon goes hunting and gets home around 7:30, we eat some dinner, I'm sick with a terrible cold so we got to bed around 9:30.
Wednesday -- Much like Monday but I don't go get Dillon until 5:30, run home to eat dinner, Dillon at work before 6:30, I do hmk and try to wait up for Dillon but am too sick and fall asleep before he gets home.
Thursday -- Starts out the same as Tuesday but Dillon only has one class so he gets home at 10 and goes hunting, I get a migraine during preschool so I leave my class after that early and come home to sleep for 2 hours, visiting teachers at 4, Dillon gets home around 6, do hmk, hometeachers at 7:30, eat dinner, in bed by 9:15 cuz once sinuses were killing me.
Friday -- Same as Monday, I went to IF to run some errands while Dillon was working, stop to see him for about 20 mins, come home to do some hmk, Dillon gets home around 11, I...once again...have the beginnings of a migraine so we go to bed around 11:30.
Saturday -- FINALLY, our day to see eachother and do hmk together and hang out? I slept in and got up around 9:45, we did some hmk together and about 30 mintues ago Dillon's boss called wanting him to come into work. So, here I am, sitting at home, husbandless once again. He should be home around 4:30 but then there is a football game on and Landon (Dillon's bro) is coming over to do his laundry. hmmm....we'll see how the day ends I suppose.
I guess there is always tomorrow.
Maybe the weeks will get better though since deer season closed yesterday.
Now, I apologize to all those that actually read this! I'm sorry, I just had to vent to someone!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Run Forest RUN!

Can you believe it, gas is now $2.89 (at least here in Rexburg)!! WAHOO! Good news for mom, dad, cody and the SV cross country team that is traveling the 10 hour journey to Sheridan for the state run today! Drive safe and GOOD LUCK little dude as well as the whole team! :)

And congrats again for doing awesome at regionals in Casper last weekend. Love ya little dude!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

It's about time.......

I have wanted to get my hair cut since before me and Dillon got married but I wanted it long for the weddin, we were out of town a lot, we didnt have money, i didnt have time, etc, etc, etc. Well, this week I kept seeing people with cute hair cuts (thats you Alexa!) and I have watched "What NOT to Wear" a few times this week and decided today I was going to make time! So this morning I warned Dillon (he did not want me to cut my hair) and called to make an apt at Evan's Beauty College here in town. Even though they are a college they do a pretty good job. So I was nervous all day today. I had to go take a test and set up some things for preschool before I could go to my apt.
So here you have it.............

This morning...

(my hair was still a little wet that's why it's all wavy and weird lookin)

5 dollars and 7 inches later...

It is shorter than I was expecting but I still like it. The girl did a really good job even though she had only been in school for 5 months (when she told me that I got a little nervous!) Now the real test will be when Dillon gets home from work............wish me luck! :)

Friday, October 17, 2008


So today I decided it was time to get rid of some of the presents we havent been able to return. I am SO sick of them sitting on our living room floor making our apt look smaller than it already is so I put them all in a pile by the door to take to DI. When Dillon got home from school he had a better idea. We loaded them up and headed out to Beaver Dick Park just outside of Rexburg. We had these particular drinking glasses that we tried taking back to Kmart. The oh so funny girl working was honestly going to give us 1 penny for 4 glasses so 2 pennies total. She really really was going to put it on a gift card for us, we told her no thank you, we'd just keep them. Well we got 4 sets of drinking glasses and thus did NOT need these ones. So...........

Needless to say...those cups are NO MORE!!! :) It was so much fun! And while we were out there we looked for frogs by the river since we are doing a lesson on frogs in preschool and the girl teaching wants as many real frogs as possible. Sadly we only found one but it was definately still fun! Here he is in the only thing we had to put him in...a coke cup. (sorry you cant see him very well, i was scared to take the lid off, he jumps HIGH!!)

Thursday, October 16, 2008


So the long, ongoing internship debate is STILL going! For those of you that don't know what I'm talkin about let me fill you in.......
------So as most of you know, I am a Head Teacher in a preschool lab on campus. When I was first offered the job at the end of last semester they asked if I could stay and do it 2 semesters and jokingly I said that yes, I would, if they could make it count as my internship. Well they looked into it...slowly they looked into it. The very first part of this semester they talked about it more as a dept and then just a week or two ago they had a final THREE HOUR meeting over the issue and it was settled...the child and family dept agreed that I could use it as my internship. Now it was time to ask the college head of internships and to make sure it fit all the criteria of on-campus internships. The guy (convientently named Guy) was hard to get ahold of but the one in charge of internships in our dept (Bro McCoy) kept trying until he finally got a hold of him. He didn't sound promising but didn't give a yes or no and instead told Bro McCoy he had to talk to his boss when all this time we all thought he was the boss. Anyway, I talked to Bro McCoy today and he had a message from someone that is actually under Guy who told us "NO." Apparently Guy passed the buck to someone else just because he didnt want to tell us no. But now, Bro McCoy and my supervising teacher from the labs (Bro Anderson) are fighting it, litterally almost fighting it. Apparently the conversation between Guy and Bro McCoy was a little heated today. But it doesn't make sense as to why they have to say "no." An on campus internship has to be 20 hours a week and my job has hours that vary from week to week but the average is 15 hours a week, so since I am 5 hours short the answer is "no." But....when doing an off campus internship it doesnt matter how many hours it takes a week! Does that make sense to anyone else???? So basically my teachers are being AWESOME and really fighting for this and are demanding legitimate rational for why the answer has to be "no" and why those 5 hours really matter all that much. They even offered to give me 5 more hours of "fluff" a week just to make it count and of course, the college is only looking out for our future and don't want us to do that! So needless to say this internship road we've been going down for litterally months now is gettin a little frustrating and I've pretty much lost all faith in the phrase, "We'll know by the end of the week!"

Monday, September 29, 2008


I search: for the energy to get everything done that i need to
I wonder: what the future holds for me and dillon
I regret: not calling financial aid to clear things up last week
I love: my amazingly wonderfuly hardworking hubby!
I care: about my family
I always: procrastinate (oops!)
I worry: about being able to pay all the bills
I am not: fond of my upstairs neighbors.....AT ALL!
I remember: so many "wonderfully fun times on the farm" LOL (oh come on, some of them were pretty fun)
I believe: in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
I sing: pretty much ALL the time!
I dance: only at preschool
I don’t always: like to go shopping
I argue: about things that dont need to be argued about
I write: on my hand when im bored in classses
I win: with my preschool kids
I lose: with my preschool kids
I wish: me and dillon got to spend more time together
I listen: to my upstairs neighbors sing, laugh, wrestle, yell, talk, play the guitar, stomp around, etc (they are 2 brothers that live together)
I don't understand: a lot of things
I can usually be found: on campus
I am scared: about growing up
I need: to clean the rest of my house (I got the kitchen done)
I forget: to do some hmk sometimes......
I am happy: to almost be done with school
I tag: anyone that reads this (if anyone actually does!)

Friday, September 26, 2008

It is FRIDAY!!!

I am SO excited that today is Friday and that I am done with classes for the day and that this week is finally over! I think that this week was the busiest week (at least top 5) of my entire college career. As some of you know, I am the head teacher in one of the preschool labs here on campus. This week was our first week with kids. So not only was I doing all the paperwork, preparing the classroom, learning the new daily schedule, continuing to teach my 6 girls everything they need to do, but I also had to teach this week. Tues was a bit rocky but yesterday was MUCH better both for kids and the teachers. Plus this week all my college professors decided it was a good week to completely pile on the hmk. Lets just say that I have done hmk and things for preschool most litterally nonstop this week! And it is now over! (i still have lots of hmk to do this wkend since i have neglected my online class this week, but still)

So, some of the little things that happened today that made my day.......
-the realization that this semester is now 1/4 of the way over
-the sun is shinning and the wind is.....well blowing (i am in rexburg) but only lightly
-dillon doesnt have to work tonight or tomorrow so i actually get to semy husband!!! :)
-dillon and i get to go on a date tonight, to Texas Roadhouse even cuz he won a free entre coupon on Friday night Sports Line on Channel 8 news last wkend and it came in the mail yesterday
-i got to wear my pink pants today cuz miraculously they fit again!
-i got TONS of compliments on my pink pants today, one was even a random girl i passed on campus
-i survived the first week of preschool
-gas prices have gone down yet again (6 cents in 2 days)
-my new testament class is the best class i have EVER taken in all my 8 semesters of college and the teacher is AMAZING
-and the best...........................................................dillon gets home in 10 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok, there is one thing that is kind of bringing me down but im tryin to look at it in a positive light. i need some advice. This weekend I have to come up with a way to tactfully talk to my girls in preschool about gettin along, and im not talkin about my 3 year old girls, im talkin about my 20, 20, 20, 21, 22, 23 year old girls that are helping me teach the 3 year olds. All 6 of my girls have VERY strong personalities, have an opinion and are not afraid to share it (because it is right!) so, although we have only been working together for 3 weeks and have only had the kids in the classroom 2 days and tensions are already sky high. I talked with my supervisor/boss and he gave me the best advice that he could and told me to think of a way to bring it up after the kids leave on tues and if it doesnt get better in the next few weeks he'll pull them aside individually and if that still doesnt help he will start docking their grade BIG time. Even more than their evaluations from me will (I have control of 1/3 of their total grade!)
so........any advice? I hate confrontation and I hate being the "bad guy."
oh man......but dont worry, im not letting it ruin my FABULOUSLY WONDERFUL FRIDAY! :)

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Today is me and Dillon's 2 month anniversary! :) It is so hard to believe that it has already been 2 months, yet it feels like we have been together forever! Here are just a few pictures from that special day and also a few from our amazing honeymoon!

For our honeymoon we took a road trip and went to Northern CA in the area that Dillon served his mission. We stayed in the city of Windsor at a very nice condo that we were able to get through his parents membership. Windsor was a pretty central location to all the places that we wanted to and got to go and visit.

We took a day and spent it at the beach and I froze pretty much ALL day! The wind was blowing and the temperature probably wasn't above 55 the whole time. But it was still fun! :)
We also took a day and drove the one hour drive to San Fransisco.

We got to go to the zoo...

The "crookedest street in the world," Lumbard Street...

And went to this light house place with a beautiful view of the ocean...although it was freezing up there it was fun to stand and watch some local surfers.

We did get to go see Golden Gate Bridge but...the fog didnt allow us to really see much..............Believe it or not we are standing infront of the bridge. If you look REALLY hard you can kind of see the road part to our left and a tiny part of the bridge to our right. It was also super cold standing up there, we didnt last long! :)

We went LOTS of other places and got to see LOTS of other fun things in San Fran but we would be here all day if I posted pictures of it all! :)