Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mouse adventures

Oh dear!  I am beyond lacking in my blogging skills lately.  I don't even know how to begin getting all caught up.  We have been and continue to stay sufficiently busy.  And it's not even all boring busy. YAY! But it certainly hasn't all been fun.  Dillon is fully immersed in his last, and I repeat, his LAST, semester of classes!  YAHOO!! (Not sure who's more excited about this).  And while I am out for 2 weeks for spud harvest (YAY) I am working hard on deep cleaning and organizing our house, and getting things done for Little Yellow Door Design. 
 Our latest adventure?  Mice....and now kittens.  
So I really REALLY don't like mice.  I know they are not going to hurt me.  That's not why I am scared of them.  They are fast and creepy and sly and dirty and carry diseases.  And they just pop up out of nowhere without warning.  And that scares me.  And I HATE being scared! Like, so much so that if Dillon plans on standing in the dark and saying "boo" he knows he better be prepared to get slugged.  But anywho, I know we have mice in our house, we catch them in our traps frequently.  But I have never seen them alive, running freely about my house.  Until last week.  Last Friday evening Dillon left for a few hours to go hunting.  While he was gone I was lazy and watched TV and then started dinner not long before I expected him to get home.  As I was making dinner (chicken enchiladas) I was standing at the island, minding my own business, when a disgusting, filthy mouse scurried out from under the pantry door (on the other side of the island) and hurried into the living room and under the couch.  Naturally I screamed, 3 times, and jumped onto the island.  Once my heart stopped pounding and I regained composure and realized my phone was in the living room with the awful creature I wasn't left with many options.  Luckily everything I needed to finish dinner was there on the island with me.  So, I finished putting the enchiladas together, (did not cover them with foil since that was in the pantry and going near there was out of the question) put one leg on the ground as I reached over and stuck the enchiladas in the oven, and resumed my position on top of the island.  Dillon had said he would be home between 8 and 8:30, it was now only 7:55.  I was left with no choice but to watch whatever show came on the TV and wait for Dillon to get home.  At 8:30 my phone went off.  Oh boy.  What if it was Dillon letting me know he actually got a deer and would be late?  What would I do then?  So I told myself if Dillon was not home in 10 mins I would have to suck it up and make a mad dash for my phone.  EXACTLY 10 mins later I was greeted by the sound of Dillon pulling into the driveway!  SAVED AT LAST!!  He walked in and as he was taking off his boots asked what the heck I was doing on the island.  I filled him in on the events of the last 45 mins and told him to hurry up and get the filthy bugger.  Of course, he couldn't go at it empty handed so he grabbed his blow gun and got to work.  He flipped over one side of the sectional where I saw him run.  Nothing.  He flipped over the other side.  Nothing but poop, lots of poop.  EWWWW!
The site of him hunting the mouse, with his blow gun, in his camo was just too good to let pass by without pictures.  Luckily my purse, with my camera in it, was only a hop, skip, and a jump away (all the while on counter tops of course).  In the meantime he started investigating inside the hide-a-bed.  And there the little bugger was.  He took a shot at it, and missed.  Then he lost it. 
A few mins later it came running back into the kitchen.  Luckily I was still very high, out of reach.  I screamed and pointed to the fridge.  Before Dillon could make it to the kitchen it popped out from under the fridge and made it's way under the stove. 
 Dillon made me buck it up at this point and help him pull the stove out.  Which I half agreed to, I helped from on top of the counter next to the stove (yeah, not really much help).  But the little bugger had DISAPPEARED.  There is a tiny little opening behind the stove leading behind the counter where a hose runs, which has to be where he went.  Filthy, disgusting, slimy creatures.  Since he was gone and there was nothing to be done, I had to buck it up and go on with our evening.  The next day we did some deep cleaning, re-set some traps, got new sticky traps and these two little fellas.... 
Right now they are both so tiny that they are pretty worthless.  They better hurry up and grow and stop pooping on my front porch or they might not live at this house long enough to help with our mouse problem.  But I think Skeeter likes having them around to keep him company.
Just not sure they share his enthusiasm to be friends :)
But, since that awful night almost a week ago, we have caught 2 mice in our newly set traps and have thankfully not seen any more frolicking about the house at their leisure.  Let's hope it stays that way.