Monday, April 30, 2012


It just wouldn't be Easter if we didn't spend the weekend in SV with my family having a giant egg hunt.  
Of course, this year did not disappoint.  My mom, seriously, goes WAY above and beyond to make the egg hunt fantastic!  My dad, although he constantly complains about the amount of eggs he is asked to hide (this year, 500!!) he truly loves it just as much as the rest of us.  He secretly gets a kick out of hiding the 'Big Egg' in the most unusual and disgusting places he can find.  We made out like bandits again this year with a total of $38, TONS of yummy candy, and some fun little prizes.
Sofia and her daddy finding eggs
Luke and his mama
Even baby Jack got in on the fun
Dawson sure found himself lots of stickers
The 'Big Egg' winners this year (yes, they found it together so yes, they shared)
Hunting for Easter eggs
Ahh....they do know how to share :)
Crazy Crazy Lukey boy
It must be twin thing. Crazy Sofia
Luke LOVED the swing, Sofia did NOT

It was such a fun weekend spent hanging out with all of my family stuffing our faces FULL of lots of yummy yummy food, finding Easter eggs, and laughing at all the crazy nieces and nephews :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wedding, Birthday and Conference

Whew, lots of fun crammed into one jam packed, family filled weekend.

To kick off the weekend we headed to Idaho Falls to witness the marriage of this beautiful couple.
We are so happy for Tosha and Logan and excited to have Logan join the family. It was a great day despite a few minor hiccups. Like it only raining when we were trying to take a few pictures outside of the temple, oh and the caterer for the wedding luncheon having the wrong day, no biggies :) But we made it through the day and the reception that night was BEAUTIFUL! Congrats again Logan and Tosha, we love you!

Due to extended family staying at Dillon's parent's house, we came back to our house that night to enjoy a restful nights sleep in our own bed after a busy busy day. Then it was up bright and early on my birthday to pack a bag and head back up to Shelley to spend the rest of the weekend. We got ready and Dillon let me open my presents from him before we headed out. He spoiled me with a fishing license, a few movies (including 'UP' YAY!!), some earrings, new tweezers and chocolate Reese's eggs :) I'm a lucky girl, thanks baby!We got to Dillon's parents house at the tail end of breakfast and the beginning of the first session of conference. It was so fun to spend the day with so much of Dillon's family.
Dillon's Aunt Lisa also had a birthday that day and before they took off we were able to blow out candles together and have some yummy cake.
(our camera is a little slow, thus the awkward "after the candles have been blown out" pictures)
The rest of the day was spent hanging out with the family that didn't have to head home and watching conference. That evening the boys all headed out to the priesthood session of conference and us girls headed out to the movies. There wasn't a very big selection of movies that fit into our schedule when we needed them to so we decided on "Mirror, Mirror" with Julia Roberts. It was a cute movie that kept us laughing, but still a little cheesy and predictable :)
The movie and priesthood session got over within just a few mins of each other and the boys headed in to Idaho Falls to meet us for some yummy dinner at Cafe Rio. After dinner it was back to Dillon's parents house for some hot tubing, MORE cake and candles and presents.
We were all WAY too full for more food so they sang to me, I blew out the candles, then the cheesecake was put back into the fridge for the next day :)
Thank you Thank you THANK YOU to all of Dillon's family for all the birthday wishes and hugs and to his mom for the cakes and present! It was a great day, I am one lucky girl.

Sunday we got to spend all day in our PJ's listening to conference and eating way too much food. I definitely thought that conference was extra amazing this time around. Maybe it was just because I actually stayed awake for ALL 4 sessions for once :) I don't know. But I felt like so many talks were written just for me just at the time that I needed them, I love it!

Basically it was just an amazing weekend and birthday spent with amazing family!

Monday, April 2, 2012


For the past month or so the weather has been teasing us with a day or 2 of spring here and there. Even though we really didn't have much of a winter, we've been LOVING the nice, spring like weather and have tried getting out and enjoying it when we can. On one of the first nice weather day we packed up and went shooting.Lately, Dillon and I have kind of become obsessed with the show 'Top Shot' on the History Channel. Since we only get the basic channels, we try to keep ourselves entertained with whatever shows we can find on Hulu. Top Shot would be one of those shows. We watched season 1 a while back on Netflix and shortly after got rid of Netflix. And now, thanks to Hulu, we have cruised thru seasons 2 & 3 in a ridiculously short period of time and now have to slow down and watch season 4 just like everyone else, week by week. So, inspired from the show, we came up with a little challenge course of our own. With a point system and everything. Haha.We did need Colby there to keep track of our points tho since we lost track very early on. Oh well, Dillon still beat me.

Our 'Top Shot' poster pictures. HAHA!
We have also taken advantage of the nice weather and gotten out and done a little fishing. The wind hasn't cooperated too well with the whole "It's Spring" thing so we have only gotten to go a few times. But, it has still been fun.Since moving to Blackfoot we have definitely been able to see a huge difference in the fishing in Blackfoot and the fishing in Rexburg. Meaning, we used to catch fish in Rexburg all the time and now we are lucky when we catch a fish at all. (One of the many reasons we miss the Rexburg area). So.....during Dillon's spring break I took a day off and we headed up North. Oh was it cold but Oh was it so much fun! We were only fishing for about 2 hours but in that short period of time we caught 18 fish. Yes, 18! I am 99% sure we haven't caught that many fish in the 20 months we have lived in Blackfoot.
Hey, I never said our fish were big.

My sweet husband built me a fire because I was freezing.
And we saw this big guy as we were hiking in and again as we were hiking out.
Now, hopefully mother nature will realize that it is now ok to remain Spring and we can have many more days to spend out in the sun.