Friday, May 27, 2011


May is almost over. Which is very exciting since it means I am DONE with school! YAY for summer time! Now if only the weather would realize it is now summer. But anyways, May was a pretty busy month for us with quite a few things going on.

On May 6th we were able to go to Pocatello for a graduation/awards ceremony and dinner for the 2011 graduating OT and PT classes at ISU. Well, sadly, Dillon did not graduate, BUT he did get awarded the "Arthur P Lloyd Endowment Scholarship." YAY honey!
This is the "award" he got handed...the speech notes of the professor presenting him the award. lol. So, as you can see handwritten at the bottom, he didn't actually get anything that night; just recognition. The scholarship money will just come with our student loans when he starts school this Fall. It's not a bunch of money, but every little bit helps! CONGRATS LOVE!We have also spent most of this month trying to get our silly dog all healed up. The cut he got at my parent's house Easter weekend was taking FOREVER to heal and was finally starting to look a little better, until it rained for literally almost 48 hours straight and it got infected. you can see...we tried EVERYTHING to keep it covered. The ONLY thing he couldn't get off was this wonderful PVC cast Dillon made him. It worked for a day or 2 then his foot was just gettin too hot and sweaty so the cut was staying too moist and not healing. So the cast came off, we kept lots of antibacterial medication on it, we let him sleep in the back laundry room for 3 nights...and the infection was gone! :) Although the infection was gone the cut was still pretty bad so we have been playin it safe and have still been keeping the poor guy cooped up. Without Dillon's help I can't really see his foot all that well but from what I can see it looks like he is pretty well all healed up! So as soon as Dillon gets home, we can look at it to make sure its better, he will be a free dog again! YAY for everyone!!! :)

The Friday before Dillon left we were able to take an evening to go fishing...shooting...and roasting hot dogs and marshmallows! :)

The next day we were able to go down to Logan for a day and see my cousin that lives in Arizona and meet her 'special friend' (lol) and see most of the rest of my mom's family. It was fun to see everyone and even got to witness my Marine cousin (that has been deployed for almost 2 years) surprise his family and come walking into the party! It was an unforgettable moment! :)

Well, the day after we went to Logan was the day Dillon left :( That was a VERY sad day! I knew it was gonna be hard but honestly, I didn't think it was gonna be that hard. I am such a stinkin baby! But now 2 weeks has gone by and he is comin home TOMORROW! For those that don't know he has been in Pasco Washington doing an internship at a hospital up there. It has been nice cuz his grandparents live up there and he has been able to stay at their house and spend time with them. He has really enjoyed the things he has learned while there but is ready to come home. And I'M ready for him to come home! :)

Last weekend I didn't wanna stay home alone so I took a little road trip. I first hit up Rexburg and got to hang out with my friend Marlaina, spend the night with her, and go to the last day of Preschool on Friday! It was SO much fun to be back in preschool (even though it was just for the day) and to see all the kids I taught last year and to spend time with the AWESOME ladies I worked with up there. I miss them ALL so much! From Rexburg I went up to SV to hang out with my fam. My sister Nicole was there too with her 2 adorable little boys. I had so much fun that I called and got work off for Monday and didn't come home until Monday night! :) While there we even got to feed the Nield's goats. Dawson thought that was pretty cool.Sat morning my dad put me in charge of making breakfast. I enlisted the help of Dawson and this what grandpa got for (well pink) pancakes, green eggs and sausage links. Dawson was THRILLED... my dad? A little less than thrilled! I told him that's what he gets for putting a preschool teacher and a 4 year old in charge of breakfast! :)

By staying in SV until Monday night I was able to go and watch my niece Abbi in her Wyoming History play they preformed at the SV Care Center.
And I got to spend LOTS of time cuddling and loving this happy little man!!! :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 26

Day 26 - A photo of somewhere you've been toMaui Hawaii
Can't WAIT to go back....someday :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 25

Day 25 - What's in your purse?The usual

Monday, May 16, 2011


One car
One toothbrushOne towel
One pair of shoes by the door
One person trying to take care of this pathetic little face

I don't like it; none of it!

And it's only been ONE day. 12 more to go!
UGH! I was
not cut out for this.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 24

Day 24- A photo of something that means a lot to you

My "baby blanket"

A good portion of my pictures from when I was young look something like this...My mom washed my blanket then hung it out to dry. How dare she? I needed it!!
If I am not holding it sucking my thumb, I am wrapped up in it, dragging it behind me, or have it laying next to me. Within arms length of course.

My Grandma Brough (who almost everytime I see her asks if I still have it and sleep with it) made this blanket for me when I was a baby. It is quite an ugly blanket with some goofy looking little boy (or maybe its supposed to be a little girl?) on it doing various things, such as sittin on a fence, playing with a dog, swimming, carrying a fishing pole, riding a bike, etc. Now days, this little child is quite faded and barely visible. Every time I wash it chunks of batting get left behind in the dryer. Because of this it is now almost completely see through and has many MANY holes, rips and even a burn mark from when I got too close to the heater eating a dippy roll one cold Sunday morning in our old log house.

Over the years I have gotten teased relentlessly about this blanket. Right after I got married I carefully, and sadly, folded it and placed it in the top of our closet, determined to "grow up". It stayed there for probably a good 4-6 months until one day, I was laying in bed, sick, when I spied him laying there on the top shelf. I got him down and have yet to put him back. Don't judge me. My blanky is the first thing I grab when I am sick, when I am sad, or when I just want to cuddle (I know I know, that's why I have a husband. But much to my dismay I just so happened to marry a man that is not a huge fan of cuddling). Yes, I do sleep with it every night and yes, my husband thinks it is utterly disgusting and makes fun of me almost nightly. He finds it quite comical to, on occasion, climb in bed before me, hide it, and watch me search frantically for it. But I always find it or make him give it back before I let either of us go to sleep!

One day I am sure I will retire my blanky once and for all. But for now, I am quite content having it curled up, cuddled to my face every night.

Ok, now go ahead, judge me if you'd like! :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 23

Day 23 - 15 facts about you

1. I am very proud of the fact that I grew up in Star Valley Wyoming and will always think of it as home.

2. My hubby often calls me his "California girl" (which I hate) because I get cold very easily. He loves to make fun of my body's lack of temperature control. When I am cold, I am COLD! When I am hot, I am HOT! I can't help it.

3. I am currently freezing!

4. I love to eat out.

5. I'm glad we don't have money to indulge myself in this guilty pleasure very frequently so that I have (get?) to learn to be a better cook.

6. I am currently quite hungry.

7. I have minor OCD. There is a certain way to load the dishwasher, fold my clothes, arrange my underwear drawer, etc.

8. Everything in my house needs to have a "place." Items may not always be in their "place" but they don't stay out for long; I go crazy.

9. I always want my house to smell good. Candles and/or Scentsy are always on.

10. Sometimes I will open a window or 2 for a few hours in the winter to let in a little fresh air.

11. I LOVE flowers! It is driving me crazy that I don't have any pretty spring flowers to enjoy around my house. I have to go cleaning one more time before I have saved up enough money to go buy me some :)

12. Dillon let me buy myself a Mother's Day present yesterday. A little "Lucky Bamboo" plant. I'm pretty excited about it.

13. I love my dog. I really do. Even tho he is a pain in the butt (most of the time) I get really sad at the thought of possibly getting rid of him (not that we're thinkin seriously about it, it's just a "what if..").

14. I don't love my cats.

15. I love my hubby very very very very very much! I LOVE to watch him play with little nieces/nephews/cousins/cousins kids and cannot WAIT for him to be a daddy, someday!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Easter fun

For Easter this year we went up to Star Valley for the annual Brough Easter Egg hunt. For those that don't know about our egg hunt, I'm pretty sure I can speak for most of my family when I say it is truly the highlight of the year. My mom goes far above and beyond what she needs to. This year I believe she said she filled over 450 eggs. And those are just for the adults. The grandkids get a chance to look for this specific color of eggs within the front and back yard and when they are done it's the adults turn, of course with the grandkids' help. The eggs have a variety of candy in them, some have a paper that say "prize" and some have money. There is one $50 egg (typically the "big egg"), one $20 egg, two $10 eggs, a few $5 eggs and multiple $1 eggs. This year Dillon and I made out with $16 some fun prizes and LOTS of yummy candy! :)

As we were leaving to come home Sunday evening we let Skeeter out of the kennel to get some energy out before making him get in the car. He was running around and ran/jumped over a pile of tiles my parents have sittin on their lawn that are leftover from their remodel. As he jumped over them I told him not to do that or he was gonna cut his foot. And guess what? As he walked over to me, sure enough, he was leaving a trail of blood. Oh great. It turned out that he cut the pad of his foot on one of his toes and it was really bleeding. We tried to get him to hold still (which is nearly impossible with that dog) so we could look at it and get it somewhat bandaged. It was a long process but we finally got it bandaged, got him into the car and headed home. It's now been almost 2 weeks but we've still bein keeping it bandaged trying to keep out infection and we have only let him out of his kennel to re-bandage it. Needless to say....he is going CRAZY! I cannot wait for it to heal so we can let him out and just let him run and run and run!! That dog has SO MUCH ENERGY!! He's actually gettin pretty good at letting us bandage it. My job is to sit and pet him to keep him calm while Dillon does the dirty work. Well the other night I was petting Skeeter and he just plopped right on down laying at my feet, extended his leg with the hurt foot and put it right in Dillon's lap (who was sitting in front of him) and just laid there until we were done. lol, it was funny. He doesn't so much like keeping the bandages on so we ended up gettin him the ever so lovely "cone of shame" and the turd STILL gets the bandages off. UGGHH, I hope he gets better soon, and before Dillon leaves for his internship!

Our nice bandaging job covered in duck tape

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 22

Day 22 - A letter to someone who has hurt you recently

Dear Mr. Wind,

I would ever so appreciate it if you would take a leave of absence from the state of Idaho. Mr. Sun has finally started doin his job and I would appreciate it if you would cooperate and work together on keeping me warm. The cloud family has also gotten this memo and have obediently stayed away. Please do the same. I am not enjoying looking out my window and seeing the beautiful day outside then walking out my door only to be knocked over by your cold, forceful attitude. I know you must be getting tired of blowing and blowing and blowing. We get the point and you no longer need to show off by going from 5 mph to 35 mph in a matter of a few seconds. We no longer need to see how you can take the temperature from 65 degrees to 45 degrees. We know you are good at your job, go ahead and take a break for a while. Please.