Wednesday, July 8, 2015

11 months old

Oh my baby... oh how you are not a baby anymore!
This big girl is still always one the move!  Although she has been mobile for over 6 months, much to everybody's disbelief, she is still not walking.  And honestly, I am just fine with that.  Some days it would be nice if she could walk when I have my arms full of  stuff and still have to carry her somehow but the image of her running wild and getting into even MORE things....oh I'm ok if she never walks! :)  She is started to tolerate walking holding onto hands just a little bit more but usually will only go a few steps before she is screeching and wriggling to get away and crawl.  Silly girl.
She now has a total of 7 1/2 teeth.  The only reason its not a full 8 is because one of the top is white as if it was thru but it is still under the gums.  Kinda weird.  She still seems to forget she has so many teeth and actually bites her own fingers every now and then when she is eating.  And she loves to bite mom and dad too.  It is mostly just because she has been teething I think and likes the sensation but there have been a few times when she doesn't get what she wants and bite out of frustration and WOW do those cute little teeth hurt!
Lucy has a love/hate relationship with food and kind of always has.  It is weird.  She will eat the weirdest things like plain onions, mushrooms, pickles, etc and will eat and eat and eat fruit.  Especially grapes, watermelon and pears!  But when she is done....she is done and there is nothing you can do to convince her to eat more.  She has really not been a fan of her bottles lately and went one whole day only drinking only 2 oz all day but she would also not really eat solid food either.  She must have been starving the next day because she sure made up for it that day.
I have had a few people tell me that she is looking thinner, especially in the face.  She is already losing her baby chub and is looking more like a toddler :(  As I was getting her dressed this morning she looked like she had grown 6 inches overnight :(
She is still very vocal and is not afraid to tell you when she is sad/mad/frustrated/happy or any emotion in between.  
She will now sign "more" and has just barely started blowing kisses.  It's hit and miss so count yourself lucky if she'll actually blow you one :)
She loves to sit and play pat-a-cake and loves listen to you sing "Head Shoulders Knees and Toes."
She has been all over the map in her sleeping habits lately and I think it has had a lot to do with the extreme heatwave we've been having and teething.  I have been trying the 'cry it out' method to get her to finally fall asleep on her own and the first few nights SUCKED!!  But, I am happy to report that after less than a week she has been doing fabulous and I have only had to go in maybe once and a few times she has only cried for 2 mins or less :) :)
Daddy got a new puppy for Father's Day and....well she is starting to like him :)  He was a little too 'in the face' at first and kinda loves to bite a little more than usual.  But he is learning and so is Lucy.  She seems to be ok with him now :)
Her hair is getting SO long and SO blonde!  She can now wear a little piggytail pretty well.  It is quite adorable!
Still a daddy's girl and gets so excited when he gets home.  I love it.  But am a little jealous sometimes :)
We love you Goose!  One more month and you will have been in our arms a full year.  How is that possible?!?! 
Love you!