Friday, October 29, 2010


from the nieces and nephews
and your sisters

We love you and miss you but are SO proud of you!
Hope the Philippines treat you well on your big day!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

cats and dogs

Meet the newest additions to our family:
"the nice one"and
"the mean one"Yes, those are their names...and they fit! :) We got these little kitties from Dillon's grandma and grandpa shortly after we discovered mice in our house. Neither Dillon or I are cat lovers by ANY stretch of the imagination but, we do tend to like them better than mice! I was gone to Utah having fun with my mom and a few sisters when Dillon went and got them from his grandparents house. I really wish I had been there to video this process since Dillon told me it involved only him, his grandparents and the kitties locked in a shed, a fish net, a couple scratches, a bite or two and a box! lol. oh man. The first few days of the kitties being at our house we kept them in their box and tried spending time with them to tame them a little bit and to teach them their box was their home so they wouldn't run away as soon as we let them out. Spending time with them wasn't there very much fun seeing as how they weren't the nice, cuddly little kitties you picture when you picture kitties (they come from a long line of wild barnyard cats). But, after a few days we decided to let them outside and play with them a little and get them acquainted with skeeter!! EEEKK!! So...Dillon held skeeter on a leash (he REALLY doesn't like cats) and we let the kitties out of the box. It took some time, but we did make some progress.
We went from this
To thisAnd eventually to thisIt's now been about 3 weeks since we got the kitties and we are still making progress. We put the kitties box on the porch so they can climb in and out as they please. The first few days they were "free" they would only come to their box at night and would spend the days hiding in the shrubs (they still weren't thrilled with the idea of skeeter and he still wasn't thrilled with the idea of not being able to chase them). But since then they come and go all day and as soon as you step outside they are right there, under your feet, wanting food. Skeeter has only tried to eat them (unsuccessfully thankfully) twice. Each time it was over scraps we had taken out to them and Skeeter does NOT know how to/like to share. But don't worry, both kitties are safe. The saying of "fighting like cats and dogs" definitely rings true at our house. We will be sitting in the house and I'll look out the front door to check on them and Skeeter will be giving them kisses or they will all just be chilling together on the porch and then less then 5 mins later we will hear all sorts of yowling and hissing and Skeeter jumping off the porch!'s quite entertaining. The weekend after we got them these 2 people were here visiting us (YAY!!!!) and baby Cecily LOVED Skeeter and didn't mind the cats too much either. She would sit on the floor in our house and just stare out the screen door at Skeeter hanging out on the porch then she would just starting laughing. It was so cute. Once he was up close and personal, she wasn't quite as thrilled, but she loved him nontheless.Thanks for coming and visiting us Shay and Cecily! We LOVED having you!!!!!
Well, as far as an update on us, we are doing good. Dillon is starting to get his butt kicked in school but he's sticking with and and trucking right along. Any free time that he has (or makes) is spent hunting with Skeeter.
As for me, I FINALLY got a job! I'm working with Dillon's aunt at an Elementary here in Snake River. She is the main Special Education Teacher and I am her I basically just do as I'm told. lol. The best part is that Snake River School District is on a 4 day school week so I get all my fridays off!! YIPEE!!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

honestly...what do you think?


Close up of the middle:So what do you all think? I hope it's cute, cuz I think it's cute! :) and better yet....very very cheap! Thank you DI, Lacie and mom for the idea and the help!