Friday, May 30, 2014

Life at the Merrill's

Life at the Merrill's really hasn't been too exciting lately.  We are just working, playing when we can, going to and from family things here and  there and watching my belly grow bigger and bigger :)  We really can't complain.  We have kept busy with different family things with my parents moving from SV to Weston Idaho, Easter, my little sister planning a wedding (happening in just one week) and Dillon's little bro graduating from high school and preparing to leave on July 2nd to serve in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin Mission.  We were visiting with Dillon's mom for Mother's Day and she was giving us all the important dates for things coming up in their family and I started laughing and told Dillon that our summer is already planned for us between his family functions and mine.  And it truly is!  It is going to be busy few months but I for one am excited to have it go quick so we can meet our little girl!  (And that is not a complaint about pregnancy, I LOVE every bit of every ache and pain and kick and punch :))

For Easter we were able to go to Preston and have the annual Brough Family Easter Egg Hunt!  This year we also coupled it with a Brough Family get-together with the whole Brough Fam.  My sweet Grandma turned 85 the day after Easter so we decided to throw her a surprise party.  It was a hit!  It was so fun to have (almost) all the family together, it's been way too long!

Our two new nephews.  I think they are pretty stinking adorable!!

Seriously...look at him.... :)

This year the money eggs only had fake money (I think that was in case the old man couldn't remember where he hid them all :))  So here is the old man playing 'banker' and letting everyone cash in the fake for the real.

 Then it was birthday party time!
Our very own garden gnomes
Everyone waiting for the guest of honor

She LOVES Reese's.  My mom made this cake for her and she was SO excited.
We told her to dig in.... and she did :)

 Opening her "85 years of memories."

My beautiful grandma

My dad and his siblings
We love you grandma :)
Cute kids on Easter morning 
Trying to give brother a hug :)
Amongst the craziness of work and traveling here and there, we have managed to get in a few evenings of weiney/mallow roasts and done a little bit of fishing.  I have yet to be successful, but it is still fun to get out and enjoy the nice weather with my fabulous hubby.  
Oh, and Lucy likes fishing just as much as mom and dad :)

 29 weeks!  
Only 75 (give or take) days until we get to meet our little girl!!!