Sunday, June 7, 2015

10 months old

This big 10 month old LOVES bananas, until one day she suddenly decided she LOVES grapes more and LOVES LOVES watermelon even more. Basically, she loves fruit :)  She loves grilled cheese and will eat at least a half of one all on her own.  
Out of the blue her clogged tear duct flared up again :( Or maybe it could have been allergies??  Not really sure, but luckily it cleared up again quick.
This girl is the fastest crawler around!  She wastes no time getting to where she is going.  She loves to walk with Grandma and Grandpa Merrill's walking toy but does not love to walk holding onto hands and does NOT love to stand!  There is simply no time for things like that....she needs to get where she is going quick and the best way to do that is crawling.
All the getting around has its benefits and she really wears herself out and was sleeping SO well! Most nights she would sleep 10-11 hours :)  Well she did that for about 3 weeks and then we moved..........and all bets were off.  BUT, we are slowly getting back to our good sleeping habits :)
Lucy puts EVERYTHING in her mouth.  She LOVES chewing on rocks and sticks.  Such a weirdo.
Within 10 short days she got 3 of her 4 front top teeth thru.  And she so conveniently decided the time around the week we moved would be a great time to do it.  She started from the left side and worked her way right.  She has been working REALLY hard to get that 4th one on the right side thru but hasn't had any luck yet.  
Lucy claps ALL the time and has started 'dancing' which includes bobbing and shaking her head 'no.'  It's pretty adorable :)  She has even started singing lately and it is even more adorable :)
She is not a quiet girl and is very vocal about her feelings and is really starting to throw tantrums.  Already.  Oh great!
She is an outdoors girl and LOVES being outside and LOVES Skeeter.  She loves to grab his tongue and his lips haha.  Good thing he is such a patient old man. 
Overall Lucy is SO grown up and growing way too fast.  But she is slowing down just a little bit as far as the actual physical growth goes and is atually able to stay in clothes a lot longer and isn't growing out of them nearly as fast.  Which is nice.
Basically....we are just completely in LOVE with you Lucy Goose!