Tuesday, May 19, 2009


The sun has been out, the wind has been mild (some days) and life has been wonderful! Here are some pictures of the fun in the sun we've had this last week.
Last Monday we decided that we wanted to go feed the ducks at the Nature Park here in Rexburg. The wind was CRAZY this day...part of last week we had gusts up to 60+mph...thus the wonderful pics lol, but it was still fun!
Sexy...I know but the other one we tried was MUCH worse! :)Yes, there is bread between Dillon's toes that the duck is going for...he said it tickled. lol
This was one hungry, friendly ducky that we named...................


Another of our favorite ducks...the special one with a growth on it's head :)
Another special duck. You can't really tell but he was awkwardly skinny and walked with a limp...he looked like a rubber chicken! lol

Also last week we went and did us some fishin! It was a fairly successful day catchin 3 fish between the 2 of us
We also went fishin last night with Dillon's old roommate and his wife. Brandon and Dafni got there about 45 mins before we did and hadn't had many bites...after being there for 10 mins this is what I reeled in, the only fish caught all 3 hours there and the biggest one we've caught thus far! What can I say, I have some MAD fishin skills! :)
Today I was able to make a dash to IF to meet my niece, little miss Abbi Jo, and the rest of the Afton Elementary 2nd graders at the......
(Abbi, Abby, Taylor...my "group") Little did I know I actually signed up for a marathon...lol...never before have I done through a zoo that fast! :)
Thanks for inviting me Abbi Jo, it was A LOT of fun! LOVE YOU BABE

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Last week was a very nice week and such a relief! The week started pretty crappy with me finding myself STILL jobless and with nothing to do Mon morning when I woke up. This whole "being a bum thing" has just not cut it for me. Well on Tues I got a call from Frontier Pies, a restaurant here in Rexburg. When this job search began about a month ago I filled out an application, even though they weren't really hiring (the story of my life). Well they called to set up an interview which was then set for Thurs afternoon. YAY, at least I now had a shot! Then Wed morning came along and my phone rang, it was a lady from Burton Elementary here in Rexburg. I had gone and met with her a few weeks ago and was basically told that I had a preschool teaching job for next school year if I wanted it. I wanted it...but there was much debate and decisions to make between me and Dillon that made this decision not so simple. But when Kim called on Wed we had a good little talk and she made it a lot easier to tell them "YES!!" But.....I still needed something for the summer and was really really hoping my interview on Thurs was gonna go well. I got to Frontier Pies along with about 4 other girls (just while I was there) for interviews! Man, I never thought I would have to fight for a position working with food! lol. I felt pretty good after the interview and apparently for good reason because Sat afternoon I got the call and I start TOMORROW!! YAY! We are SO relived to finally have things figured out and feel so blessed.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

1 yr ago...

On May 6th 2008 Dillon asked me a question...

...that would change both of our lives forever!
(sorry the pics are so bad, they were from my phone)

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of our engagment. Since Dillon got off work at 2, and I still don't have a job, we decided to go "re-live" the experience. We went and saw our tree, started a fire, roasted some mallows, updated our tree, went swimming at Green Canyon, and ate dinner at Wingers. It was so much fun to remember back to how nervous (particually Dillon) and excited (particually me) we were doing those same things one year ago!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend away

This last weekend Dillon and I decided to head out to Preston Idaho for a change of scenery and to see my sister Nicole, her husband Bill and their adorable little man Dawson before they head up to Alaska for the summer. We left Thurs afternoon and got back Sat night just in time for Dillon to hurry off to work. It was such a nice trip! We got to relax, play with big-D, see pictures of Bill (and my dad's) recent hunting trip to Africa, try a little turkey hunting for the boys, go to dinner and bowling with Lacie and Jake, and play a thrilling game of Mexican Train (I had the most points with over 400 and my closest competitor only having 200 or less...too bad points were a BAD thing! LOL). Thanks everyone for such a fun weekend and to the Millers for feedin us and lettin us sleep in your fabulous house, WE LOVE YOU! :)

Uncle Dillon and big-D looking for turkeys out the back door
He's just so darn CUTE and LOVED the camera!

Dillon testing his mad skills

Lacie winding up for the release
Jake bowling another strike I'm sure...he did that a lot!
Nicole watching the ball knock down the pins
(Sorry, I really thought I got a picture of everyone but somehow missed Bill! sorry)
Jake bowled 5 strikes in a row so I tried my luck and instead bowled 5 gutters in a row... pathetic I know! But somehow I still didn't lose this game :)
Cute little couple...Lacie and Jake
Bill schooling Nicole on the techniques of bowling... lol!