Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Since Dillon and I have been married we haven't had a bed of our own. The apartment we are in has been partially furnished and we hadn't had to buy a bed, dresser, or nightstand. Well a few weeks ago I was lookin at the BYU-I bulletin board (basically an online DI with actually, usually, very nice things that students are tryin to sell for one reason or anything) and I saw a very nice bedroom set for a very nice price. I brushed it off and added a bed of our own to my mental wish list. The next morning Dillon and I were talkin about how nice it would be to move into the recently vacated 2 bedroom apartment straight across from us. I mentioned the bed set I had seen to Dillon and showed him the pics online and he fell in love with it just as I had. So....although the 2 bedroom apt didn't work out (someday) the bed did! The couple sellin it was an older couple that is moving to IF to be closer to doctors and the place they are moving into is a little smaller than their place here and the bed set was just too big. They were awesome to work with and we finally got our new set Monday morning while I was at work (THANK YOU DILLON AND LANDON!) Although it is a very snug fit in our little apt (just ask my toes and hips) it is WONDERFUL and it is OURS!!!! :) Yes...we got the bed (including mattress, which is extremely comfy not to mention new(ish) and boxspring too), the dresser, and the nightstand (which doesn't fit next to the bed to be a nightstand so basically it's just another dresser). Plus the bed has 2 drawers we can use AND is very high off the ground for LOTS of storage space underneath. (Yes, I have to get a running start to get on and Yes I understand this may be a problem when pregnancy rolls around but hey, that's what stools are for, right? :) I'm not gonna tell you how much it was but just know that we basically stole it from them! It was honestly an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, once in a lifetim deal!

Thursday, June 18, 2009


my awesome sister-in-law TAYA!! (the one on the left) AND...
to the best mom in the whole wide world, MY mommy
(don't worry mom, everyone will love this picture! I sure do!!!!) :)
Mom, you've had a rough week and deserve the BEST birthday ever! I hope they took good care of you and that you are going to be able to go home today.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

the circus has come to town

The Jordan World Circus made their way to the little town of Rexburg Idaho last night, along with the Nield family (minus JR). It was SO much fun to have Lyndi and the kids here to go to the circus with me (poor Dillon had to work). It was a first for all of us and we all loved it. We got to see all sorts of animals doin tricks...lions, tigers, bears, and elephants...all sorts of tricks...juggling, hula hooping, and balancing...and crazy acrobats. Towards the end of the show one of the poor acrobats fell. Yes, it was just like out of the movies and was something you only see on shows like "Caught on Tape" or "Worlds Most Amazing Videos" or whatever those are. Luckily it wasn't the one in the ring right in front of us but as he was hanging upside down the clip holding his rope to the ceiling snapped and he landed right on his head. Needless to say the show stopped for a few moments and the guy didn't move. The director of the circus hurried and got the attention turned to the center ring with the next act while the medics and everyone worked on the guy and waited for the ambulance. Kinda scary! I also thought of those shows I mentioned when he climbed on the ELEPHANT!! Yup...Gabe, Abbi and I all got to ride on "Beebo" the Elephant. All I thought about was those shows where the "tame" animals go crazy and kill people and such. (Don't worry, everything turned out well and now I can say I have ridden an Elephant). Overall it was a BLAST! We took most of the pictures on Lyndi's nice camera so this is all I have for now, it's not much but it gives you an idea. After the show we went and got us some food and took Dillon dinner and sat and ate at the mini-mart. I am so glad the Nield's decided to stay over and have a sleepover with us! Payzli LOVED our goldfish and would just sit and stare at him saying " mouth..." It was so cute! This morning we got up, ate some pancakes and played at the park before they had to leave.
Thanks for coming and playing with me Lyndi, Abbi, Gabe and was a BLAST!!!
p.s. im not sure why the pictures aren't showing up, just click on "view all images" and it will take you to look at them...if you want to see them! :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Update...kinda long...sorry

Life here in Rexburg is still going great! We are loving all the sunshine we are getting and the time we are able to spend outside when we are both home from work. This last week we were able to go home for the night and witness the graduation of my little brother! HOLY CRAP...I can't believe that he is all growed up and graduated from high school.

The girls (minus Nicole) with the graduate before graduation The boys (minus Bill) with the graduate after graduation
Congrats and good luck little dude! (yes, no matter what he says he does LOVE me :)

During our quick trip home, as always, we loved hanging out with all the family and spending time playing outside (and inside) with all the little ones.
Payzli LOVES playing with her Uncle Dillon
Payzli blowing dandelion seeds on Dillon
Dillon helping Payzli ride her big sisters bike
SLAM DUNK! (don't tell her that's not a basketball, LOL)
Um...she was a little scared to let go

As for life here in Rexburg, not much going on besides working, fishing and picnics in the park... oh yeah, and even a little jet skiing with Dillon's family here and there. What a life huh?? :)
View from our fishin hole the other day (no luck this day)
Our yummy yummy watermelon in the park
Well this is my picture to represent work, strange I know, but...
So after my first few nights of work I would come home with the SOREST feet I have ever had. I figured it was because of the new shoes, the long hours on my feet, and the rush rush rush of the nights. After about 3 days I started complaining that my toe nails hurt...yes my toe nails. Well they kinda stopped hurting after a week or so and I didn't think anything of it. Well the other night I was sitting here on the couch and looked down at my toes to notice my polish chipping off and I saw the dark coloring. I ran and got polish remover and took my polish off to find this. I hope this doesn't mean they are going to fall off!!! That wouldn't be very pretty for the summer time! LOL. (Sorry it's kinda a gross picture...feet are always gross!)