Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bear Lake

Well, it wasn't quite how I'd hoped our weekend would look...but nonetheless, we still had a GREAT time at Bear Lake
Back in February I was at work and was talking with the ladies I work with about planning and taking trips and whatnot. I mentioned something about Dillon and I wanting to plan a fun trip for after he graduates to celebrate FREEDOM (and hopefully a job) :) One of the ladies mentioned that she has a condo, that she owns, at Bear Lake. She told me that Dillon and I were welcome to go and stay whenever we wanted...for free! :) I did some thinking and checked the calendars and told her to pencil us in for Memorial Day Weekend, thinking that by then we would have nice, warm, sunny weather to enjoy playing in the lake. (Ha Ha)

So, for almost 4 months, I kept this little secret to myself and planned and plotted how/when to tell Dillon. I knew I needed to let him know a little bit in advance to make sure he didn't need to work or had other plans or something, but I still wanted it to be as much as a surprise as I could. So I came up with the ticket idea. Oh boy, once I gave them to him it was one question right after another....right up until we were packing the few last minute items before we left. And that's when he guessed it. He knew we were going to Bear Lake but still had no idea where we were staying :)

Despite the windy/rainy/snowy/cold weather we managed to have a GREAT time! It was SO SO nice to have our only concerns be, "what movie should we watch?" or "how many people do you think are in the hot tub?" It was great!The weather finally cleared up for us on Monday and warmed all the way up to a whopping 60 degrees!!! So, we spent the day in the hot tub, in the pool, sitting on the beach and building a sandcastle.Although it wasn't anything fancy or exotic or tropical or even very far away, it really was an awesome (and much needed) step away from reality with just me and my hubby!
Thanks Connie SOOOOO much for letting us stay at your condo! And thanks Dilly for putting up with my surprise and going with me, I LOVE YOU!! :)

Friday, May 25, 2012

A weekend away in......

I gave these to Dillon the end of last week...
...I have had this planned since February.

We leave tomorrow morning...
....And he still has no idea where we are going!

He is driving himself CRAZY trying to figure it out :)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

the Bastow's

Last week we had the privilege of having my sister and her family stay with us for most of the week. Although I'm not so sure it was a privilege for my sister and her husband.....

On Saturday the 5th we helped them move into their new house in American Falls. (My brother-in-law got a job working in Aberdeen and had been staying with us for a few days while he started his new job and Lacie and the kids finished packing up their house in Logan for the big move.) After a long day we finally got them all moved in and started the unpacking process. On Sunday I got a text asking when we had church and if they could come over and shower. Their new house (rental, thankfully) did not have a draining shower or a non-leaking, working plumbing for that matter. So, they came over for a shower and some dinner. Monday I got another text wondering if they could come over yet again for a shower and to eat dinner with us since their stove/oven was not working. Of course we said YES and we met in town for some dinner and they came and showered/bathed and stayed the night with us. Tuesday they headed back to American Falls to see what the plumber and electrician had fixed or were working on. Wednesday afternoon I got another text, there was an awful smell (mold? old drug house?) that was making the kids grumpy and sick; could they come stay for a few days until they found new place to live. They were moving out. Of course we said YES again and they stayed the rest of the week! :)

It was a stressful situation for them and not a very pleasant one but we sure LOVED having them here and had so much fun playing together. They were luckily able to find a townhouse they could move into immediately in Chubbuck so we spent the day Friday packing the few things she had unpacked and Sat moving them yet again into their next new house.
We loved having you here Bastow family and would have loved to have you stay forever, but for your sake I'm glad you guys found a place of your own that has working plumbing, good electrical work and smells good :)

A few pictures from our fun times........

We played lots and lots of basketball (with a volleyball, but don't tell Luke that) :)
Sitting and laughing with Uncle Dillon

Watching "sing" (as Luke called it)
Dancing to "sing"
Wearing Uncle Dillon's funny reading glasses
Playing Uncle Dillon's guitar
Basically they just LOVE Uncle Dillon

Sofia not so sure she liked the swings
She really did NOT like it
Brother LOVED it
Petting the horses (it was a process :)

He thought he was pretty cool
What a mean mom, feeding her to the horse. Sheesh!
What a nice dad, keeping her at a distance :)
Playing with Skeeter
Luke thought Skeeter was hilarious when he got close

Sofia thought Skeeter was hilarious when she was WAY out of reach!
We also drew on the sidewalk with chalk and did LOTS of dancing to "Pump it" "Dynomite" and "Forget you" (over and over and over again. slightly obsessed!). It really was SO much fun having them here and we are SO excited to have them only 20 mins away! :)