Friday, October 24, 2008

Run Forest RUN!

Can you believe it, gas is now $2.89 (at least here in Rexburg)!! WAHOO! Good news for mom, dad, cody and the SV cross country team that is traveling the 10 hour journey to Sheridan for the state run today! Drive safe and GOOD LUCK little dude as well as the whole team! :)

And congrats again for doing awesome at regionals in Casper last weekend. Love ya little dude!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

It's about time.......

I have wanted to get my hair cut since before me and Dillon got married but I wanted it long for the weddin, we were out of town a lot, we didnt have money, i didnt have time, etc, etc, etc. Well, this week I kept seeing people with cute hair cuts (thats you Alexa!) and I have watched "What NOT to Wear" a few times this week and decided today I was going to make time! So this morning I warned Dillon (he did not want me to cut my hair) and called to make an apt at Evan's Beauty College here in town. Even though they are a college they do a pretty good job. So I was nervous all day today. I had to go take a test and set up some things for preschool before I could go to my apt.
So here you have it.............

This morning...

(my hair was still a little wet that's why it's all wavy and weird lookin)

5 dollars and 7 inches later...

It is shorter than I was expecting but I still like it. The girl did a really good job even though she had only been in school for 5 months (when she told me that I got a little nervous!) Now the real test will be when Dillon gets home from work............wish me luck! :)

Friday, October 17, 2008


So today I decided it was time to get rid of some of the presents we havent been able to return. I am SO sick of them sitting on our living room floor making our apt look smaller than it already is so I put them all in a pile by the door to take to DI. When Dillon got home from school he had a better idea. We loaded them up and headed out to Beaver Dick Park just outside of Rexburg. We had these particular drinking glasses that we tried taking back to Kmart. The oh so funny girl working was honestly going to give us 1 penny for 4 glasses so 2 pennies total. She really really was going to put it on a gift card for us, we told her no thank you, we'd just keep them. Well we got 4 sets of drinking glasses and thus did NOT need these ones. So...........

Needless to say...those cups are NO MORE!!! :) It was so much fun! And while we were out there we looked for frogs by the river since we are doing a lesson on frogs in preschool and the girl teaching wants as many real frogs as possible. Sadly we only found one but it was definately still fun! Here he is in the only thing we had to put him in...a coke cup. (sorry you cant see him very well, i was scared to take the lid off, he jumps HIGH!!)

Thursday, October 16, 2008


So the long, ongoing internship debate is STILL going! For those of you that don't know what I'm talkin about let me fill you in.......
------So as most of you know, I am a Head Teacher in a preschool lab on campus. When I was first offered the job at the end of last semester they asked if I could stay and do it 2 semesters and jokingly I said that yes, I would, if they could make it count as my internship. Well they looked into it...slowly they looked into it. The very first part of this semester they talked about it more as a dept and then just a week or two ago they had a final THREE HOUR meeting over the issue and it was settled...the child and family dept agreed that I could use it as my internship. Now it was time to ask the college head of internships and to make sure it fit all the criteria of on-campus internships. The guy (convientently named Guy) was hard to get ahold of but the one in charge of internships in our dept (Bro McCoy) kept trying until he finally got a hold of him. He didn't sound promising but didn't give a yes or no and instead told Bro McCoy he had to talk to his boss when all this time we all thought he was the boss. Anyway, I talked to Bro McCoy today and he had a message from someone that is actually under Guy who told us "NO." Apparently Guy passed the buck to someone else just because he didnt want to tell us no. But now, Bro McCoy and my supervising teacher from the labs (Bro Anderson) are fighting it, litterally almost fighting it. Apparently the conversation between Guy and Bro McCoy was a little heated today. But it doesn't make sense as to why they have to say "no." An on campus internship has to be 20 hours a week and my job has hours that vary from week to week but the average is 15 hours a week, so since I am 5 hours short the answer is "no." But....when doing an off campus internship it doesnt matter how many hours it takes a week! Does that make sense to anyone else???? So basically my teachers are being AWESOME and really fighting for this and are demanding legitimate rational for why the answer has to be "no" and why those 5 hours really matter all that much. They even offered to give me 5 more hours of "fluff" a week just to make it count and of course, the college is only looking out for our future and don't want us to do that! So needless to say this internship road we've been going down for litterally months now is gettin a little frustrating and I've pretty much lost all faith in the phrase, "We'll know by the end of the week!"