Tuesday, August 24, 2010


...finally we have stopped traveling, finally we are moved and settled and FINALLY we have internet!!! :) I forgot how nice it is to sit in your own house doin what you need to do online! These last 2 months have been crazy to say the least but they have also been full of lots and family, friends and fun! Back in July we took a weekend and had 2 of my cute little nieces come and spend a few days with us, then we took a weekend to go camping with my bestest friend and her cute little family, then I took a day to hang out with and say goodbye to my buddies I made at Frontier Pies, we then took a weekend to celebrate our 2 year anniversary then we took a weekend to travel clear up to Northern Idaho to the BEAUTIFUL Priest Lake. Until this summer I never realized how many weekends July has!!! lol. August was slightly calmer but not by a whole lot. We spent a LOT of time in the car first coming home from Priest Lake, then makin countless trips back and forth between St Anthony, Star Valley, Shelley and Blackfoot for this or that. We are now, like i said, FINALLY moved and settled into our cute little place in Blackfoot! It is such a relief to be able to sleep in our own bed, sit on our own couch, watch our own TV, and look at all our own decorations! I didn't realize how bad i missed all of that over the past 8 months. Since we got moved in we've been spending our time finishin up odds and ends, canning lots and lots of apples/applesauce, and tryin to relax and enjoy the last of the summer. I can't believe that summer flew past as quick as it did. Seriously, where did it go? Wherever it went, it's gone and Dillon started school yesterday at ISU. Yesterday was orientation and today is the first day in classes. From the sounds of things it hasn't been too bad so far but he is very nervous since this year is supposed to be the hardest. He has one class that he has to get at least an 80% on e-v-e-r-y test or he fails and he can't get below a C- in any of his classes or he is KICKED OUT of the OT program. Cross your fingers for him although I think he will do great! :) As for me, today will mark my first day on payroll at the Blackfoot Community Center since I have to go in tonight for a staff meeting. I have met with the director of the center a few different times and we are working to get everything up and running for their new LEAPfrog preschool class that I will be teaching. I'm REALLY excited to get back into teaching preschool and hanging out with those funny little kids! The first day of preschool is not until the 14th of Sept but we have LOTS to get ready and figured out between now and then so I will be keeping busy. I could use a few more days to relax and just hang out but I'm sure I'll still get that in when I can :)
Here are just a few pictures to recap the last 2 months: