Friday, December 3, 2010


I can't believe that Thanksgiving has already come and gone! SHEESH, where is the time going? I mean, seriously...wasn't it just summer and now it's December? wow. For Thanksgiving this year Dillon got the whole week off from school and thanks to the blizzard we got, I did too (well almost, I had to go Monday but had the rest of the week off). Since the snow snowed us in, we sat cuddled up in blankets all day Tues watching 8 hours of Lonesome was great! :) By Wed the weather and cleared up some and we were able to jump in the car and head to SV to spend the rest of the week with my family. Although the snow had stopped and it was blue sky the roads were anything but great. I counted and on the freeway between Blackfoot and Idaho Falls (about 25 miles or so), just on our side of the freeway, when I was actually paying attention, we passed 28 places where people had gone off the road and 7 of those were "in progress." It was pretty bad. But once we got off the freeway in IF the rest of the drive luckily wasn't too bad and going around the Palisades was BEAUTIFUL! Thanksgiving was great as always! It was a LOT of fun spending time with pretty much all my family. Unfortunately the 2 babies of the family couldn't be there with us to stuff their faces, but we still included them in the Thanksgiving festivities! :) We missed you Cody and hope the Philippines treated you well on Turkey Day and Emily, we missed you as well and hope work treated you well and we're glad you got to go and eat at gma's house! Love you guys. Well Thursday was, of course, full of food food food and dirty dishes! The food was amazing (nothing beats mama's cookin!!) and the dishes...well they got done! :) Friday some of us fools braved the cold and snow and went in search of Christmas trees. It was very cold and there was LOTS and LOTS of snow we had to trudge through. I wish I could say it was worth it and that we ended up with the most gorgeous tree ever, but that would be a lie. We got a tree for Dillon and I and a tree for my sister and her hubby and, well...they were both pretty terrible! lol. But I guess it was still pretty fun! :) The rest of the time we all just kinda hung out, helped work on a few things on my parent's new addition to their house, put up my parent's Christmas tree and played with the nieces and nephews. We were sad to leave and come home Sat but glad we got home before the next big storm hit Sunday. Now that Thanksgiving is gone and December is here it is on to the craziness of Christmas. This year is especially crazy with Dillon's little sis getting married on the 18th! There is definitely LOTS going on this month but it's all fun stuff so it's all good!
Well here are a few pictures, ok lots of pictures, to sum up our Thanksgiving fun, enjoy! :)

The drive was taking forever so I got a little boredSkeeter dog enjoying the drive
The lake looked so pretty!I got caught red-handed! :)Trying to get Cody and Emily to do the dishesThe boys watching footballDon't you just love this face?!?!? I sure do!!!My sister made these hats for her little ones...they were adorable!Miss Sofia loved hers but Mister Lukas, did NOT! :)Trying to keep up with the mountain manThe snow was so deep that poor Skeeter couldn't hardly keep his head above it! lol. It was pretty funny watching him trying to run in it!

Sisters Sister Heather and Niece Abbi Jo
Paul BunyanThe Merrill family with our sad little tree :)
Dillon being a good man and hauling our trees out for us
Taking a little breakGrandpa wanted us to cut him down a tree too so this is what Abbi cut for himFinally made it back to the truckMy parent's tree we decoratedTowards the end Payzli, for some reason, got stuck on one little branch that she FILLED with was hilarious. Payzli posing by "her branch" with Aunt EmilyShowing Uncle Cody "her branch"Our tree looks a little better now that it's decorated...the ornaments help fill it in a little bit! :)