Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Sofia and Lukas are truly fighters and are continuing to make amazing progress! Both are still in critical condition but both stable. An ultrasound was done on their heads and both looked great. Both blood counts are good and neither have infections. They are both under billi lights (to be expected) but Sofia should be coming off antibiotics tomorrow. Lukas may take a little longer as he is a little more fragile than his sister. Mommy is doing great and is looking to be released tomorrow so she can head down and be with the little ones. Although things are looking up these little ones still have a LONG road of recovery and everything else ahead of them thus creating quite the medical bills. With Jake still trying to go to school and Lacie now (obviously) out of work, things will be tough. A fund has been set up for the Bastow family for anyone that has even a little to spare. Everything and anything is MUCH appreciated and will be put to VERY good use! I know Lacie and Jake truly appreciate all the prayers, concern, love and compassion they have already and continue to be shown! THANK YOU!! If you wish to donate just click the button on my's just that simple! Again thank you to all and continue praying for these beautiful little ones.
The latest...
Lukas' feet compared to grandma's thumb
Sofia's hand compared to grandma's thumb
Sofia's feet
The diaper their little bums are in compared to Lacie's chapstick

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Please keep these precious little ones and their mommy (and daddy) in your prayers! My sister Lacie had a suprise early early this morning when these 2 decided they wanted into this world and NOW! Both at a whopping 1 lb 10 oz and 13 inches long, Lukas and Sophia, are doing suprisingly well. Although they are doing well now they are for sure not out of the woods. All prayers are MUCH appreciated!
aren't they adorable???
mister lukas - sept 15, 2009 2:26am
sister sophia - sept 15, 2009 2:05am
(showing off them sexy legs already! ;)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Where did summer go?

Well, summer is officially over! I can't believe how fast it went and how little we got to do. I started work for the school district about 2 weeks ago but we just started with kids this last week. I'll spare you all the details and just tell you that it has been very very stressful and very very tiring but kinda is and hopefully will start gettin easier soon. I am still workin at Frontier Pies but only about 3 nights week. So...needless to say Dillon and I haven't seen eachother much and when we do I am beat! Dillon is back to the grind and started school Thursday. This was him that morning before he left for class. I'm not sure what made him more unhappy... me insisting on a "first day of school pic" or having to start classes again! :) He is still workin at the mini-mart but again, only about 3 nights a week since he now needs to spend his time outside of classes studyin for the GRE that he is signed up to take towards the end of Oct. We were able to get one last fun time in on Labor Day. Since school was out for me and school hadn't started for Dillon I asked for work off at Frontier Pies and headed down to Blackfoot to the Eastern Idaho State Fair. We spent ALL DAY there. It was a fun day with lots and lots of people and we were both beat by the time we got home. We got there bright and early to save front row seats for the horse races. I was first introduced to them last year by the Merrill family. Dillon's fam, his gma and gpa and this year an aunt and uncle sat and watched and we bet quarters on horses amongst ourselves. Dillon and I didn't do near as good as last year but still came out exactly even. :) But our favorite part of the horse races?? The indian relay races! There are randomly between the real horse races and are by far the best part. Take a look for yourself......

Yes...there are lots of injuries and yes, that guy is really biting that horse's ear. These races are SO SO much fun to watch. The teams are made up of a rider and about 3 other guys. The rider takes 3 laps, each lap on a different horse. These indians are CRAZY and have to have the strongest legs to hold them on since they are bareback. Very entertaining and very much needs to be it's own event at the fair.