Saturday, December 19, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Life has been pretty crazy this last month and therefore I haven't had much time to update. But, I thought I would give you all a quick update before we join the world of no internet. Yup, this is our how our last few days have been spent....doesn't it just look like SO much fun! :) Hopefully by Monday we will be all packed and moved into our new/temporary house in St Anthony, just in time for Christmas! This year we get to spend it in SV with all of my family and I am SO excited. The only bummer is that my brother won't be there (dang missions ;) and my sister Lacie and her sweet little family won't be able to join us, but... for good reason. That's right! Her amazing little babies FINALLY made it home yesterday after spending 3 LONG months in the hospital! I cannot wait to be able to hold and snuggle them and tell them how much I love them! :) Congrats little ones and good luck mommy and daddy. Well since I last updated I was able to go down to Preston to a baby shower for Lacie. It was fun to see everyone down there and see all the SUPER cute stuff Lacie got from everyone for these little ones. I was a bit nervous during the drive cuz I had to take this down with me. Isn't that the cutest cake you have ever seen??? A fellow Fairviewite that lives here in Rexburg made it for Lacie. She is beyond talented. ( Thanks so much Ashley and I'm SO glad I didn't ruin it in transit! :) After the baby shower we only had a week or two before Thanksgiving which we got to spend in Shelley with Dillon's family. It was a lot of fun and full of food, cards, hot tubing, food, and fun. The day after Thanksgiving we headed up to the mountains to find us a Christmas tree!! I know, we are crazy for getting a tree and decorating for Christmas when we are moving right before Christmas but I couldn't bear the thought of not decorating at all, so we did it anyways! :) Getting a tree is always fun, but I do have to admit I was a little bummed that we couldn't find a better looking tree. Don't worry....I got over it and think that it turned out pretty cute. Sorry I don't have a picture of the final product so these will have to do. Since Thanksgiving we have just been working, doing school work, Christmas shopping, working, doing finals, packing, and going to Christmas parties (there is an advantage to having 3 jobs amongst 2 people! :) We are now REALLY excited to have some time off from school and work to be able to relax and enjoy family and get settled into our new place. Since we aren't gonna have internet for a while (it may be a long while or we might get it sometime soon...we don't know) I will update whenever I can.