Monday, February 23, 2009

Ice Fishing...

was interesting! LOL. Saturday Dillon and I went ice fishing for my first time. It was an ice fishing derby that some guy Dillon knows from work was putting on at Palisades. This guy, John, is one that comes into Dillon's little mini-mart all the time and gets lotto tickets. Apparently Dillon is his good luck charm and John ALWAYS wins when he gets his tickets from Dillon. Because of this, John decided to give Dillon a free ticket to this ice fishing event and invited me to come along for free as well. So we went. It all started at 8am when we parked in the "Indian Creek" parking lot at Palisades (the road down to the lake that is on the corner...almost to Alpine). Here is when we realized that we had NO idea what we were doing. Everyone was unloading snowmobiles and takin off across the lake. Well, we caught a ride over but not before I watched a couple of guys' sleds fall through the ice. Since Dillon had only taken an axe to create a hole in the ice he borrowed John's drill and drilled 2 holes to fish in. I was FREEZING! The original plan had been for me to just stay a little while then I was gonna leave and go see my fam for a little while but since we were across the lake and without a sled...I was stuck! I cannot believe how cold I was, I thought my toes and fingers were going to fall off despite all my layers. Around noon I started to warm up a little bit and thus started having more fun. Or maybe it was watching the very drunk guys...a little bit of both I think. The quote that sums up the day was, "I didn't come to catch a fish, I came to get drunk!" Our favorite was one particular guy named Jade that was drunk my 9:30 am. My favorite moment of his was when we was driving his sled in a straight line and tipped over. Yup, that is how drunk he was. All I have to say is I SO wish we had taken our video camera, or at least not forgotten our still camera in the car. There were just too many hilarious things that happened to write it all down here. Since I was 1 of 5 women there the most embarassing part of the day was when I had to pee. I had held it until about 2 pm and I couldn't handle it much longer. Since the fishing was only going to last an hour longer I suggested to Dillon that we just leave to avoid embarassment. Well Dillon REALLY wanted to stay and try to catch a fish (1st place got $500 and they were doing TONS of raffles) so he just went and asked John for a ride back across the lake to the blue rooms. Jade (refer to the wreck above) offered to take me across. Luckily John (and Dillon) weren't going to let that happen so instead John goes walkin over to a group of guys and says, "This young woman needs to visit the blue rooms." As if it couldn't get any worse a man named Bruce (also in charge of this event) proceeds to bring a pop-up camo tent over to where we were fishing and informs me that nobody will even know what I am doing! AHHHH!!!! lol, by this time I was so embarassed I didn't even have to pee much anymore and said I would hold it until I couldn't hold it anymore. Not even two mins later Mike, John's brother, pulled up next to his sled and told me to hop on. As we took off across the lake he told me he was suprised they didn't have to shoot me across earlier! So thank you Mike for being so willing to take me to the blue rooms! Well back to the drunk was all fun and laughter until I heard John walk out of the cooking tent (they fed us lunch) and yell, "Fellas...I'M DRUNK!" Oh man, now it got scary since mine and Dillon's life were literally in their hands since they were our ride back across the quickly melting lake to our car. LUCKILY John's brother Mike (refer to the ride to the blue rooms) was not drunk...had been drinking...but was not drunk and thus was able to take us to our car around 4 pm when the party was over! Now the best part, Dillon just texted me and told me that Jade, (refer to the wreck above), just came into the mini-mart with a broken leg!!! He did tell Dillon that it wasn't from his sled so who knows what happened! LOL


and to my sis LACIE...yesterday!
Since the beginning of me and Dillon, Lacie and him have had a little spat about who is older. Lacie has said she is older since she was born earlier in the day. Well, Dillon's mom told him yesterday that he was 11 days overdue. He was so excited to hear this and immediately had me text Lacie to let her know that he is older...
he was concieved earlier than her! LOL
Love you both!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Friday the 13th!

Dillon and I are skippin town, just as soon as he gets home from classes and taking a test! Tomorrow is Friday the 13th and the day Dillon's cousin's life will change forever! Dillon's cousin Jesse is only 16 years old and has been sick the entire time I have known him. I don't know all the details but I do know that one of Jesse's kidneys is the size of a nut and, obviously, not functioning. It has really been a problem for him the last little while. This fall Jesse was put on dialysis and only been going to school part time. Before going on dialysis Jesse had to be very careful with what he ate and was a measley 95(ish) lbs. Seeing as how he is 5'10...that is pretty twiggy! Well now that he has been put on dialysis he has gained somewhere around 20-30 lbs and is a totally different kid! He is happy, active and doesn't stop eating! :) Well...his days of being the star of dialysis (the closest person to his age was 50 something I think he said) are over!!!! Tomrrow Dillon's mom Celynn is giving Jesse her left (?) kidney! She began the screening process between Thanksgiving and Christmas and was a perfect match! CONGRATS Jesse and good luck to both of you! WE LOVE YOU!

New Doo

Well I did it...I cut my hair again! I got the urge on Monday after I got home from work and texted Dillon's cousin that graduated from Beauty College and asked her if she wanted a customer. Tuesday afternoon after preschool she came over to our apartment and chopped it. 5 more inches came off my hair, that is 12 inches total since Dillon and I have been married! HOLY COW! Dillon is actually ok with it but you should have seen his face while she was It feels weird having my hair short again but I'm pretty sure I like it! (Sorry the pictures aren't so great, but you get it).