Saturday, March 13, 2010

WA or ID?

Well....another few weeks have passed so I decided I better come steal the internet at Dillon's work to update you all on our life. The big debate in our lives right now is WA or ID? Last weekend we made our mad dash up to Spokane for Dillon to interview with Eastern Washington's OT program. The drive was long, the scenery was GORGEOUS, the weather was beautiful and WARM, the campus was SO nice, and the interview wasn't too bad. At least not for me, I just got to sit in a room and talk to current students of the program and a few professors, just chit-chatting. Poor Dillon, obviously, had a little different experience. He said the interview was ok (it was a group interview), he had been sick all week, plus had a fat/purple lip from church ball and he said he felt a little inadequate. But other than that it was ok. We liked the area of Spokane, even though it was still a little bit bigger than either of us want to really live in, but the surrounding towns and area was really nice. So we will know by the end of the month whether he got in or not. BUT.........we found out today that.....................HE WAS ACCEPTED TO ISU! So if he gets into EWU the decision will be to live here......

or here.....

Guess we'll see. Even though the the trip was short and the drive was long, it was still a nice getaway and fun to see Spokane and even visit Gonzaga's campus (right across the river from Dillon's OT campus). Actually, in the picture above, of Spokane, you can see Gonzaga's campus...the building on the very bottom right with the two spire's poking through with crosses on top is Gonzaga so that means that behind it, across the river, is the OT campus. Make sense??? :)
Well, in other news, Skeeter is still Skeeter, causing us grief. When we got back from WA we discovered he was out and had been for about 2 days. He waited until we left, waited for Dillon's brother to leave after feedin him for us, then climbed up and out of his kennel. The poor pooch just got so bored he had to get out and drag all the neighbors junk into our yard, rip the neighbors window screen tryin to get into their house, and chase their cat resorting in a vet bill that is gonna be somewhere around $150. Oh yeah, and got TWO more pairs of sunglasses. Oh man.....if we survive his puppy days it'll be a miracle. In other news....we have a new claim to fame. Copy and paste this:
to go to the news story. Dillon's boss showed us the surveliance video of it the other night and it is the craziest thing I have ever seen. The little family was VERY lucky, well besides the dad getting deported back to Mexico.
But, other than all that, not a whole lot other is going on. Just the same old school and work everyday! :)