Sunday, October 28, 2012


I'm pretty sure I say this every year but, I love fall.  I love the changing of the leaves, the harvest trucks, the hunting stories, the first snow, pumpkin yumminess.  Everything.  I love it!  This year I'm even excited for Halloween.  Normally I am not much of a fan, but this year I have actually had fun decorating for Halloween, not just fall but Halloween.  Now I just need to figure out a costume to wear to work....

This weekend the Bastow's came over and we had a yummy dinner of some delicious beef stew, pumpkin chocolate chip bars for dessert and then entertained ourselves by carving pumpkins.  Now really, it doesn't get any more "Fall" than that.  It was so much fun!  Luke kept saying that he wanted a Lightning McQueen pumpkin.  So, being the awesome Aunt I am, I found a little pattern online so he could have his Lightning McQueen pumpkin.  In the process we found a Cinderella pattern that Sofia just loved.  Their parents may or may not have been cussing me not even half way through the process but they turned out SO cute!
Such silly kids :)
Dillon and I went simple with traditional scary face for Dillon and a, slightly more creative than usual, ghost for me.
 The Bastow's had a third very large pumpkin but Jake cut the top off only to find it rotten.  Oh well, the kids still had a great time coloring it.
And Sof of course had to taste the marker too :)
 Now some pictures of the whole process ...


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fishing and a beard

I love spud harvest.  I really do.  It makes living in Idaho and working for the School District totally worth it.  Not that I hate either, but you know. 
 It is seriously the best. 2 weeks off of work, who wouldn't love it?
  Well usually I am quite bored during harvest and am ok with returning to work.  But this year, it has been the most relaxing AND productive break ever.  Seriously. 
 How is this possible?  Well let me tell you.  
I get to sleep in, find my way to the couch, cuddle up in a blanket and eat breakfast/watch 'Price is Right'/browse Facebook/browse Pinterest/browse Blogs (yes this takes a little while :), finally go shower and half get ready for the day.  
Then comes the productivity.  
Make the bed (I know right? I told you I have been productive!), wash whatever dishes are in the sink, straighten things around the house, deep clean or organize something, and then depending on the day and if I'm staying home or going to Lacie's I paint something here (if I have the paint I need) or spend time playing with those cute little twins/painting at the Bastow's.  
Seriously, it has been great.  
As my spud harvest began Dillon asked me what fun things I had planned for my break and what I wanted to go.  I told him clean and organize.  He rolled his eyes.  So I added go fishing, since we have been so lame and/or busy and haven't gone hardly at all this year.  
So yesterday was the day.  Dillon took me fishing.  
We debated where to go but decided to take our chances and stay a little closer to home.  It was so much fun.  The river was low enough that we were able to wander upstream to a new place, which proved to be a wise decision and a success.  And the sunshine and beautiful day made it that much better. 
The fish we caught right at the same moment.  Yeah, not the best picture ever but you try taking a picture of 2 people holding 2 very alive flip-flopping fish by yourselves.  It's quite comical :)
One of my fishes
One of Dillon's fishes
Now lets discuss that beard.  
I know.  
When he started growing it and I kept asking him when he was going to shave, every time his answer was the same.  
"When I get my deer."  
I just laughed at him and said he wouldn't last another week.  Well that was much more than a week ago.  He still maintains that it is not coming off until he gets his deer.  I'm starting to believe him.  That is why he is allowed to go hunting as often as he would like :)
But, beard or no beard...I still like him.  A lot.

And while we're on the topic of Dillon...let's have a little kitten update shall we?
As of Sunday afternoon we are down to one.
Doomp may or may not have gotten his head run over by Dillon.
Now, I don't like cats, but that was sad.
But Boggy is dealing with the loss of her sister quite well and now thinks she is a dog.
These 2 are always together.  Cuddling.  Eating out of the same bowl.  In the dog house.  
They love each other.

We do plan on getting another little kitten and from the same batch as Boggy and Doomp, but not quite yet.  We are going to let them stay with their mommy a little longer and get a little bigger.  I think we pulled these little girls away a little too soon.  Oh well.