Thursday, February 18, 2010

Yes, we are still alive

Not having internet has really put me behind in the blogging world but yes, we are still alive. Actually, not having internet and tv has been kind of nice. Not that we have a whole lot of down time, but now the time we do have we are able to spend it doing more productive things. Oh, but we do have a little bit of tv now. We borrowed a converter box from a friend and now get 3 channels...ABC, Telemundo, and the CW channel. I tell you, not too exciting! lol. pretty much all we watch is the news. Now our spare time is consumed by that silly dog of ours. He is sure a hyper little guy and loves to help with anything and everything. Like the other day when I decided after work that I wanted to build a snowman. No matter how many times I smacked him he still came back for the poor snowman's nose. But, despite all that, it turned out really cute thanks to the help of the neighbors granddaughters. For Valentines Day this last weekend we were able to leave Skeeter at home (with our nice neighbor taking care get away of him) and have ourselves a little vacation. Sat morning we got up and headed to Lava Hot Springs for a little relaxation. I never thought this was possible but it wasn't as fun as it could have been cuz the weather was really nice. Because it was so nice everyone wanted into the coldest of the 3 hot pools thus making it VERY crowded. But it was still fun. That night we headed down to Utah to stay the night and meet up with Dillon's fam Sunday. After a few unplanned detours around Ogden we found the resort they were stayin in and spent the day hanging out, eatin, and watching the Olympics. Then came Monday. Monday we spent A-L-L day skiing. Now, don't get me wrong, it was a lot of fun but....I am not a skiier. I only been a few times and it has all been with Dillon and the most recent was 2 years ago. But, like I said, despite the blizzard conditions, all the people, tons of fog, my not so good skiing skills, and my thick was fun! I could barely get out of bed Tues, but it was fun! :) Other than that we haven't been up to a whole lot of anything besides work and more work and school for Dillon. We did hear back from Eastern Washington on saturday. We go up to Spokane March 6th for Dillon to take part in a group interview. We are both pretty excited to be getting somewhere in this grad school proccess but can't wait to have set plans. We don't really care where we end up but do think it would be fun to go up to WA for a little bit of a change. Guess we'll see how the interview goes and what news we get from ISU. But for now we are still really enjoying living in St Anthony and have been LOVING our ward until they split it. We had to speak about 2 sundays back and that day they announced the ward boundries would be changing. We have been out of town since and so we're not sure what ward we are in now or how it is but i hope it's as good as the last one. Everyone in that ward was SO SO friendly and accepting. Even though we didn't get to be a part of it for long Dillon was able to get some basketball playing out of it and i even got to play some volleyball. But like I said, I'm sure we'll love our new ward too as soon as we stay in town long enough to go :) Another thing that's nice about St Anthony is the wildlife. As I walked out my front door to leave for work the other morning this is what I saw. Look closley and you will see not only 1 but 2 moose. 1 at each of the neighbors house across the street. I was SO glad that they were in their yards and not in mine. If that had been my front yard there is no way I would have been to work that morning. I was scared enough going past in my car. But, as I was leaving they were headed down the road and behind the houses. This was also one of the days Skeeter got loose and the neighbor had to chain him back up for us. I'm sure it was cuz of the moose and the fact that he is hudini. But, now...thanks to Lyndi, JR and Jed and my parents....we have made him a little kennel so we no longer have to fight with him try every type of clamp and clasp possible to keep that stupid dog chained up. Well, I think that is about all the excited news we have for now. Hopefully we'll have some really exciting grad school news here in the very near future. I'll be sure to come steal the internet here at Dillon's work to let you all know! :)