Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Well folks, it is true...we are done at BYU-Idaho!!!!
Dillon graduated on sat and I am so proud of him!
He even passed all his classes and passed his one class with a B so that he is for sure accepted into ISU. To celebrate we headed down to Pocatello to see the Dodge Finals Rodeo Friday night. The Rodeo was a lot of fun and he had some pretty good seats! Sat morning we did the graduation thing then headed to find some dinner with my parents and Dillon's parents. (Thanks everyone for coming to celebrate with us and for the yummy food!) After we stuffed ourselves and got the parents on their way we decided to pack up some marshmellows, some matches, a gun, and the dog and head out to the sand dunes. It was a fun way to celebrate considering it was FREE! While we were shooting I realized that we were shooting a free gun
(a gift from a guy Dillon knows from the gas station), with free shells (also from the guy), with a free scope (Dillon's bday present, so only free to him), with a free clip (Dillon's bday present from his bro), all at free targets! Check out the stack of clay pigeons we found laying around the place we were shooting!!!
Skeeter really didn't enjoy the noise too much and kept his ears perked while hidding under a patch of sage brush pretty well the whole time (silly dog) but it was fun and Skeeter LOVED being able to just run around and hang out with us.
OH, but I need to back up...before all of this we got to celebrate Easter in SV with ALL of my family! It was SO much fun, even having to wade through almost knee deep snow drifts and trying not to get blown over while looking for Easter eggs! But it was all worth it considering Dillon found THE BIG ONE!!! YAY!!! :) Good job honey! Dawson and I even tried making a little snow angel after finding Easter eggs. AND......we got to spend the whole weekend with the Bastow family! Those 2 little babies are so stinkin cute it is ridiculous! Having 2 of them made it a little easier to share, but there were still plenty of fights :) Check out these cuties..... Most of the fights included Payzli cuz Z LOVES her cousins Lukas and Sofia! And while we were in SV we even got to take a new family picture...
aren't we a good looking bunch???

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools!

Well, another April Fools is here which means that I am one year older! WOW, as Dillon's little brother Landon pointed out last night, 22 to 23 is kinda a big jump. I mean, 22 is still the early 20's but 23 is pushin mid 20's (Landon is only a few months younger than me). So man, I'm OLD now! :) But it was a good birthday. I got to work for the last time this week (YAY FOR SPRING BREAK...BOO FOR SNOW), Dillon gave me some really cute clothes (that didn't fit which was a good excuse to go shopping today), We went to dinner with Dillon's fam and they gave me a REALLY cute purse, and Dillon bought me some really REALLY yummy cheescake for desseret! So all in all it was a very good birthday. It was a little strange only blowing out my share of candles instead of triple my amount (I share a bday with my dad for those that didn't know, so I'm not used to blowing out candles by myself), but it was fun! Thanks again to everyone for all the birthday wishes, cards, and presents! :) Yesterday we also got the BIG NEWS from Eastern Washington. No Dillon did not get accepted and No Dillon did not get rejected. Although he didn't score high enough to be selected in the 30 students that got accepted he did score high enough to be put on the alternate list. They don't tell what your rank on the alternate list is so we aren't sure how many people would have to deny their acceptance for him to get a chance to accept. So....we have just under 2 weeks to decide if we want his name on the alternate list. So, I guess once we make a decision I will let you know where we'll be calling home for the next 3 years! :) Well, no more news to share, we are just REALLY excited for Easter this weekend and the chance we have to be going to STAR VALLEY to be with ALL of my family (minus Cody but yes....the twins!!!!!!)
Build a snowman to celebrate! :)