Saturday, March 7, 2015

7 months old

Turning 7 months old was a little rough for this little lady!  She has been sick sick sick!  The Flu with a secondary infection of some kind has not been good to her and we have been battling fevers for 4 days.  Tylenol/Motrin every 4 hours, religiously, for the past 4 days and still reaching temps of 104.  This poor baby!  BUT, with the help of a secondary antibiotic the fevers are not reaching as high, coming down faster, and not hitting as often or as suddenly.  Here's to hoping we are on the uphill side :)  

Aside from when she has the Flu, this little go getter is always on the move.  She is hands-and-knees crawling now but still remembers that it's easier to get where she wants to go on the hardwood floors by army crawling.  Sitting up like a pro.  Has even started pulling herself up to things!  Loves to stand (with help).  Her favorite things to play with are cords and the garbage can.  
She popped her second tooth thru just a few weeks after turning 6 months and now she has 2 of the CUTEST little bottom teeth that show when she smiles. 
She LOVES to chat, but for the most part only when we are at home.  I think she is going to be a shy little thing.  At home she babbles and babbles and babbles and BABBLES!  It is hilarious to watch and listen to her.  She loves to say "dadadadada"  and has started "mamama" and has recently started what sounds like "nynyny" (mostly when she's upset or tired).
Her hair gets a little more blonde everyday.
Loves to go for walks with mom and Skeeter while dad is at work!
Still LOVES her daddy and gets so excited when he gets home from work (completely melts my heart).
We are still working on getting the little stink to sleep better at nights again.  We were doing pretty well again until she got sick.  Now all bets are off and we just sleep when we can.  It's exhausting :)
She loves to eat (except for when she's sick).  Always wants to taste whatever we are eating and so far will still eat just about anything.  She loves to share bananas with daddy and loves to share/eat all of mom's yogurt.  The second she sees a Mt Dew can (or hears one open) she is by your side with those beautiful big blue eyes looking up at you.  The other night Dillon just started laughing and said, "I don't think I can resist that face!"  Oh boy....we're doomed.  
She already is so spoiled and loves mom and dad a little too much at times.  
But that's ok :)
We love you little Goosey and it is SO much watching you grow and develop and interact with people more and more.  You have such a strong stubborn and feisty personality but we love it!