Thursday, May 30, 2013


He did it. 
We did it.  
It finally happened.
Congratulations Idaho State University's 
Masters of Occupational Therapy
Graduating Class of 2013!!

HUGE thank you to these guys,  Terry and Travis.  I'm pretty sure Dillon has spent more time on the phone talking to and texting these two guys over the past three years than he has with me.  In fact, I'm sure of it :)

Here are a few pictures from the graduation dinner and hooding Friday night (May 10th) and actual graduation Saturday morning (May 11th).
Dr Brian Gee hooding Dillon
Dillon's mom and sister Tosha came to the dinner with us.
The Darringtons.  Can't wait for Dillon and Terry to plan hunting trips so Sarah and I can plan some girl time!

Graduation morning with Dillon's mom
Dillon's sister Taya and her husband Chase were able to come also.  Thanks guys!
These two didn't come to graduation but joined us for some yummy lunch at Texas Roadhouse to celebrate

And it just so happened that a friend of mine from High School was hooded and graduated with Dillon as a Doctor of Physical Therapy.
Congrats Jess, it was SO good to see you!
After the graduation festivities, it was off to celebrate with a weekend away at Bear Lake!
 The lady I work with that owns a condo at Bear Lake and let us stay last year for Memorial day, offered her condo to us yet again.  We were so grateful to her for her generosity and for the chance to get away and enjoy the amazingly warm weather and celebrate Dillon's amazing accomplishment!
 I love you babe!  Congratulations again.  Can't wait to start the next chapter of our lives together.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Easter & Birthday

The timing of my surgery was not ideal since in my family, Easter is kind of a big deal!  My mom and dad had planned to fly home for the holiday (which doubled as my dad and I's birthday), the big egg hunt was planned and family pictures were scheduled.  And... I had to go and have surgery just 4 days before the party weekend.  Oh boy.  But, the night before surgery we were able to invite the Bastow's over for some egg dying fun!
Such silly kids!
Trying to show their "Lukas" and "Sofia" eggs.
 Easter weekend turned out great, despite being so close to surgery.  I got the catheter and balloon out of my uterus on Friday and Saturday morning we were up bright and early to head to Preston.  We got there just in time to head over to the city park to meet the photographer for pictures.  We had our pictures done by Alana Lange Photography.  She does an AMAZING job for which I am very grateful since I did NOT feel as good as she made me look :)
Me and my love!
My cute mommy and daddy!  Can't wait to go see them in July
All of us kids with mom and dad
Normal siblings.  Right?
We can be normal
Grandma and Grandpa with all the grandkids.  We have the CUTEST nieces and nephews for sure!
The WHOLE fam being normal.
I love my family!
Of course after the pictures it was time for the real fun!  We headed back to my sister Nicole's house for the big egg hunt.  A total of 500 eggs for everyone to find.  That is a LOT of eggs!!  First was the little kids turn.
Then the big kids turn!
The eggs were near and far and everywhere!  Seeing as how we've always done our egg hunt in Star Valley and pretty well know where to go for eggs, this year was a little bit trickier having it at Nicole and Bills in Preston.  I changed back into my PJ pants and got my little helper Jack Jack to walk around with me and pick up some of the 'easy' eggs for me.  After about 10 mins I was spent and let everyone else find eggs for me while I hung out in the house with this cutie and my Grandma Brough that came to join in the craziness.
 Once everyone had looked long enough and given up, it was time for prizes!
 All the grandkids got these ADORABLE hats that grandma made for them!
The rest of the day was filled with Easter candy, yummy food, birthday cake...
birthday presents, well me stealing my dad's presents...
and eventually....
... a much needed nap :)
It was such a fun, and tiring, day.  After a good nights sleep we were able to spend Easter Sunday, and my birthday, in Smithfield enjoying the day at my Grandma Brough's house with her and my aunt and uncle and cousins.  
Overall it was a great, exhausting, Easter & Birthday weekend.