Saturday, February 25, 2012

Valentines Day

Valentines Day.
I have really come to love this holiday.
Mostly because it is the perfect opportunity to tell, and show, this man how much I love him!
Sadly this is the only picture I took of our Valentines Day together.
I didn't even get a picture of the cute decorations and CD of love songs Dillon put in my car or the Mt Dew and paper heart trail he set up that led to our bedroom. (Such a cutie)

For our date this year we decided to brave the crowds and go soak at Lava Hot Springs. We left early in the afternoon in hopes of missing the Valentines Day crowd. And we did. When we got there, there were probably only about a dozen couples there spread throughout all the hot pools and we were the only ones under the age of probably 40. Haha. But, the longer we were there the more couples/families came and the younger they got.
Once we were sufficiently pruny (is that a word? it is now) we climbed out and headed home, stopping in Pocatello to grab a free pizza we 'won' from Papa John's.

Although we really didn't do much, it was a much needed, very relaxing, day spent with the man I am totally in love with!

Church ball

The month of February means church ball.
For the men, basketball. For the women, volleyball.
As I said in my first post, I was called as the Young Women's volleyball coach. That has been fun but I am glad we are almost done. Haha, there is only so much you can try to teach and so many times you can say "nice try" with a smile on your face :)
But every Wed night, after the young women play, the old women get a chance to play. It has been really nice to get out and do something active and, for the most part, fun. Some of the wards in our stake take old women volleyball very seriously and are very competitive. But, it has still been fun. And thanks to one of my nosy little young women that was supposed to be holding onto my phone and keys for me while I played, I have a few pics to prove that I have been playing.
Us old ladies warming up
Dillon has also been lucky enough to get in on the church ball action every Friday night (that we haven't been out of town) and has really seemed to enjoy it. Again, some of the wards in our stake take it very seriously and are very competitive but luckily Dillon hasn't almost punched anyone yet this year :) Funny part is that the ward that he hates to play in basketball just happens to be the ward I hate to play in volleyball as well. And for the same reason, a certain husband/wife combo that fit VERY well together.
I don't have any pics of him (bad wife I know, maybe next game) but I do have this video that my little bro introduced me to that seems to be very fitting.
HAHA. oh good old church ball.

Young Womens

Our ward has been keeping me very busy as of late. For the past year and a half that Dillon and I have lived in this ward we have been the Sunday School teachers for the 16-17 year old class. Last spring I got put in as the Secretary for the Young Women's organization and now, for the second year in a row I have been the YW volleyball coach and Girl's Camp assistant director. So yes, if you need help counting, that means I have 4 callings right now. All of which have been keeping me very busy between practices, games, meetings, and activities. But I love it! I love working with the youth in our ward and in particular the young women. We have some very challenging young women that keep us on our toes, but all of them are so so fun to be around! On February 3rd and 4th we braved it all and took our girls on an overnight, New Beginnings, outing at our Bishop's cabin in Ashton. We really had SO much fun!
The mutual theme for 2012 is "Arise and Shine Forth" so Saturday morning we got the girls up bright and early and hiked a short ways up to the top of a hill right behind Bishops cabin. Up there the Young Women's president (Dillon's aunt) gave a short little devotional introducing the theme. After that we watched and waited for the sun to come up over the Tetons. It was cold but I would say very worthwhile. After the sun came up we hightailed it back down to the cabin to warm up and finish our devotional. We had all the older girls prepare a little story and a short little message about a woman from within church history that 'arose and shone forth' as an example to us all. After that each of us leaders read a letter that a parent of each new beehive from 2011 and 2012 wrote about them to introduce them into the Young Women's program.
The rest of the day we got to spend all day out in the snow with sleds and snowmobiles. I know that the girls had a good time and from what they say a good experience. I know that I sure enjoyed it. Even Dillon said it was better than he expected. Haha, yes, Dillon got to go too. Bishop called the week before we went and asked him to come as an extra priesthood so it wasn't just Bishop with all us girls. Although he was not thrilled about the idea he did admit when we got home that it was fun, thanks to the snowmobiles. haha. Such a good sport I married :)

Eating dinner at Big Judd's Friday nightFriday night pony tail partyMe and another leader made one of these for each girl. The plan was to light them, pass them out, then hike to the top of the hill with the lanterns lighting the way. That didn't happen. But they were still cute :)Devotional Sat morning waiting for the sun to come upPlaying in the snow