Monday, June 21, 2010

Sweet Summertime!

I think that summer might finally be here...I think. Some days I wonder but lately it has been pretty nice! :) So far this summer we have spent our time working, hanging out, fishing, lookin for housing, working and fishing. We are sticking around here for another month then it is off to Pocatello. Although we haven't found a for sure place to live yet, we are looking closely at a place that is about 20 mins outside of Pocatello (closer to Blackfoot). It is a heck of a deal! Nice and big, we can have Skeeter, and out in the country. We're gonna look a little bit more a little closer to ISU so Dillon won't have to commute (especially in the Winter) but this place is gonna be pretty hard to pass up. We both have one more month of work...almost exactly and personally I cannot WAIT!! Although I have enjoyed my time at Frontier Pies, things there have changed dramatically in the last week or so and now I just want to be done....NOW! lol. After we get done with work, we're gonna take a week or so and go play for our Anniversary (2 years HOLY COW) and for a Merrill Family Reunion before we make the move and start our lives farther south. Well, that's about it for now. Here are a few pics from the last month or so, and really there are only a few because I just haven't taken any pictures this last month apparently!

My baby sister graduated from High School....oh my!
That means mom and dad are gettin old! LOL (Love you)
Congrats Em, love ya

Look at this cute little chunky monkey (and Heather, no that is not a fat joke...I'm takin about Miss Sofia! :) Both babes came to SV to watch Emily graduate and I wouldn't go as far as saying they loved it...well not Lukas so much but Sofia didn't mind. We loved spending time with them anyways!
So when I say we've been fishin, I mean mostly fishin in the freezin cold rain.
And yes...I do have my pole sticking out of my boot.
My hands were too cold to hold it so this was the solution I came up with! :)

Look at that concentration...too bad it didn't catch us anything
The one and only fish I have caught fishing together this summer
The one and only fish Dillon has caught fishing together this summer