Friday, November 20, 2009

"Thankful" by Josh Groban

So tonight as I was working away, cleaning my house (finally) and I flipped the computer open and turned on some Itunes with Christmas music. While I was cleaning this song came on..."Thankful" by Josh Groban. As I was listening to the words of this song I guess I kinda had a change of heart. This Thanksgiving season I have known that I have a lot to be thankful for but I haven't taken the time to sit down and think about ALL that I do have to be thankful for. Instead I have kinda been struggling and have been complaining and dwelling on the negative things in life. Thanks to this man I was quickly able to flip all those stresses into something I am honestly and truly thankful for. I decided to share some of that list with you.

This Holiday Season I am thankful for............................
-the fact that I had to say goodbye to my only/little brother for 2 full years because it means that he has lived worthy and is willing to go and serve the Lord and spread the word of the gospel to the great people in the Phillipines

-the opportunity I have to worry, sympathize, and encourage my sister and brother-in-law while they are struggling with having 2 babies in the NICU cuz it means that their babies have beat the odds and are alive

-the chance I have to come home exhausted and beat everynight cuz it means that I have not only one, but two jobs

-the stories I have to tell about how hard the kids I work with in preschool are cuz it means that I am able to work with kids that are struggling and/or have special needs and that I just might be making a difference

-the fact that I am now beginning to worry about important grad school decisions and finances cuz it means that I have a great husband that cares about getting a good education

-the opportunity I have to struggle with the fact that we have now been trying to get pregnant for six months because it means we have
only been trying for six months

-the large check that Dillon had to write out to the computer doctor today cuz it means that we now have a working computer again

-the chance I have to sit and add up how much money we have wasted on rent this past 1 1/2 years cuz it means that we have a nice place to live

-the times Dillon and I argue about silly little things cuz it means that they are
only silly little things

-the lectures I'm able to give Dillon about doing the laundry right cuz it means he cares enough to help me out and do the laundry/dishes for me when I'm not home to do it

-the little time I get to spend with Dillon cuz it means that we are both working hard and trying our best so we can have the best in the future

-and the list could go on and on.........................................

Thursday, November 12, 2009


WOW, it's been a while since i updated so i should probably give a little update. well.....dillon's work load has slowed down a little bit now that he has gotten the GRE under his belt. what a relief! now it's onto grad school application and the wait to see where it is we could be headed come summer. he only has about 5 weeks left in this semester then only ONE MORE before he graduates with his Bachelors! YAHOO! other than school and work, work, work we haven't been up to a whole lot. we celebrated Halloween by watching a few scary movies and handing out candy to only 3 sets of trick-or-treaters. we've been able to spend time hanging out with my family and getting ready to say goodbye to the little dude since he only has about 5 days until we ship him out to the MTC. (WOW cody....i think i'm really gonna miss ya!) We were able to go down to Logan and go through the temple with him and go home to SV last weekend to see him speak in church and party it up with him. (sorry no pictures this time, long story short...he have been fighting the computer monster that seems to REALLY wants to destroy our computer and the poor thing have been in and out of the doctors for over a month now and is there as we speak. if it wasn't for our good friends the Doyle's we would have been completely computerless this whole time! THANKS SO MUCH BRANDON AND DAF (and Jaylee! :) Sheesh, now that i sit down to update you all, it doesn't sound like we've been all that busy but sure feels like we have been running our butts off. The craziness that I have felt isn't gonna slow down either. This weekend I'm off to Preston for Lacie's baby shower while Dillon goes hunting... next weekend I'll be in Pocatello for a Child Conference...the next weekend is Thanksgiving weekend... then it's DECEMBER and that is always an insane month. Oh oh oh, that reminds me, we do have some BIG news!!! but it's not what all of you are thinking.
Instead we are moving. Our contract is up the end of Dec so sometime in the next 3 or so weeks we will be packing up and making the big move to St Anthony. Dillon has a great grandma that lives over there but she isn't there in the winter so we will be moving into her house until we head out to grad school...where ever that may be. SO, that's about it. I'll update when I have some time and something to actually update about......if anyone even cares enough to look at our blog anymore :)