Wednesday, July 23, 2014


It feels like we've been up to nothing and everything all at the same time this summer.  So, for sake of journaling, I decided I better do a quick update before baby girl gets here and all I wanna talk about and post pictures about is her :)  So here's a June update and hopefully I'll get a July one in soon.

I spent the month of June working in summer school with a sweet little guy.  It really wasn't bad since it was only 4 hours a day, 4 days a week for 4 weeks.  Enough to keep me busy but not too much to exhaust me.

We started this summer out right with lots of traveling.  Traveling back and forth to Weston/Cache Valley for bridal showers and wedding and baby shower.  And, of course Dillon had to take in a little fishing while we did 'girly' stuff. 

Whole Brough Fam
The girls
Gillies family :)
Happy (and beautiful) couple
...and us.  Awww, cute! :) 
What you can't see is my ginormous 'elephant' feet propped up with cold, wet, little boys t-shirts on them :)

Baby shower at my mom's at 31 weeks
The food was AMAZING :)
Lucy Mae sure got spoiled.  And isn't that diaper Owl just ADORABLE!!!
My sweet Grandpa Hunter came too but didn't know about all the 'shower stuff' so he banished himself to the corner, turned off his hearing aids, grabbed the 'Ensign' and told us to get him when the food was ready :)  Love that man!
Jack, my present opener helper
He was infatuated with my belly and baby Lucy and LOVED to feel her move and kick!!
Dillon with his catfish he caught by my sister's house.  And of course Jack wanted in on the fish action :)
The very next weekend Lucy and I got spoiled yet again at a joint baby shower Dillon's mom and sister Taya threw for me and Dillon's other sister Tosha.  We are were only about 4 weeks apart.  These cousins are gonna be the best of friends....I can tell :)
Tosha at 36 (almost 37) weeks and Me at 32 weeks.
The three Merrill girls :)

After the baby shower fun, Tosha's husband Logan brought his family's sand toys and took us up to the Sand Dunes for a little fun.  I have to admit that I got a little motion sick (since it really was just like riding a roller coaster) and after over an hour of riding I was starting to feel a little guilty for putting Lucy at risk of an accident :(  BUT....overall it was SO much fun and we loved it!  (And mom, yes we were very safe and nothing bad happened.  Dillon was a great first time driver :) )

Logan looking on, contemplating the route he was going to take us newbies on I'm sure :)
Dillon discussing proper sand Razor driving techniques.
Doesn't look nearly as big in pictures.  But I'm here to tell was BIG!
The group.  Minus Logan taking the picture and Celynn guarding the trucks and trailers and pizza :)
The next, and last weekend in June, we convinced the Bastow's to make the trek to come and see us.  We spent the morning Sat morning in the freezing cold rain at Mesa Falls and just about as the sun came out and it warmed just a little bit, we left the boys to do some fishing while Lacie, the kids and I came home to hang out.

Despite the cold and the rain and the mosquitoes these cuties were such good sports!  Luke sure has a thing for water falls :)