Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I'm a little behind in my updating. Sorry. Christmas morning I woke up with a nice cold and after fighting with that for 2 weeks I started throwing up and am just now starting to feel better. It was a LONG few weeks and my house suffered tremendously but....I'm on the mend and the house is cleaned so I guess I can take a min to update ya'll on our Christmas.

We got to kick off our Christmas fun with a good ol' Hunter Family Christmas Party. We had it in SV this year and had so much fun seeing so much of my mom's side of the family. This year we added a fun little extra to our party, we made it an Ugly Sweater Party. Some of the family chose to be party poopers (slackers) but Dillon and I made sure to find some uglies and go strut our stuff.The men that represent our family. Scary.
We had voting and Dillon actually placed second (and I know it was cuz I FORCED him into the turtle neck. What a good sport :)
The winners:
Ugliest (1st place) Gabe. Uglier (2nd place) my handsome hubby Dillon. Ugly (3rd place) my cousin Brittney sporting the absent Uncle Andy sweater :)
We also made sure to eat lots and lots of food, do the traditional Hunter Family white elephant exchange (which did not disappoint), had Santa come, had Grandma and Grandpa read us a Christmas story and even got to go take a few rides on the magic carpet with a team and sleigh.
Cody and Gabe ganged up on me and I had to fight back.
(Poor Kirsten looks scared, haha)
While fighting back I managed to get Gabe off and in the snow. After a little white-wash I wasn't his favorite aunt :)
Me and Sof enjoying the ride
It was a fun day and a great way to kick off the Christmas season.

Most of the family left that evening to make the trek back to Utah but a few of them stayed over for a sleepover. The next morning we all got up bright and early (even managed to get everyone showered) and off the church to listen to Cody report his mission. He did such a great job!

After the fun filled family weekend we headed back over here to Blackfoot so I could work for a few more days before the real Christmas vacation could begin! :)

Since we were spending Christmas with my family in SV we decided to start the trip a day early and stop and stay the night in Shelley with Dillon's family. It was great to eat chocolates, play cards and hot tub with them to celebrate the Christmas season! Then it was off to SV. It was SO good to spend Christmas with ALL of my family. Despite sharing all of our germs and everyone, yes everyone, getting sick (either during the stay or after going home) we managed to have a GREAT time!

Christmas Eve Day the boys bundled up and ventured outside to shoot skeet while the women stayed inside getting the Christmas Eve feast ready.

Big D out with the boys
When the boys came in and the last of the stragglers got there it was time to feast! And feast we did YUMMY YUMMY! After we stuffed ourselves completely full and got the kitchen all cleaned up it was time for some presents. This year we started a new tradition. Growing up we would always draw names between siblings and that is who we got a present for, so we weren't buying 6 presents each. As we have gotten older and have married we stopped that tradition and started instead picking a family to do Christmas for. This year, in addition to the Christmas family, we kinda went back to drawing names, but changed it up a little bit. This year we all drew a name, a color, and an alphabet letter. We then had to find a present that was said color and started with said letter to give to said person. Dillon ended up with Emily, gray and S (gray scarf) and I ended up with Jake, red and Z (box of red Zingers). It was so fun to see what everyone came up with and the creativity of some. haha. We also let the grandkids join in the present opening fun and open their presents from the cousin that had their name (no colors and letters) and some pj's from grandma and grandpa, then it was time for my dad to read the Christmas story to us all.
Christmas morning was a little different this year seeing as how it fell on Sunday. Since my parents had 9 am church we all got up and ready and headed to church before opening any presents. There was a few close calls but everyone survived not opening presents until after church :)

Dillon showin off his new socks
Watching Payzli open my presents from Dillon :)
Digging thru our stocking from Santa Brough
Well all got spoiled. As usual! HUGE thanks to both my parents and Dillon's parents for spoiling us completely rotten this year.

The rest of our Christmas vacation was spent being sick, eating, playing with the kiddos, playing "Just Dance" on the Wii, laughing and just hanging out.