Wednesday, July 7, 2010


This last week we were able to take a few days off and go do some camping! The trip can be summed up in pretty well one word.....MOSQUITOES! I cannot even tell you how many mosquitoes were around. I have NEVER in my life, seen that many of those dirty little beggers in one place (this picture does not even do it justice by gives you a little bit of an idea). We headed up Thurs evening to find a place to set up camp and the original plan was to stay put until we had to come down for work Sat, but, because of those hungry little pests, we packed up camp a WEE bit early and came home. Though we didn't stay the whole time we still got plenty of fishing time in. Too bad we didn't get plenty of actual fish in. Dillon out-fished me by FAR with a 6:1 ratio. They were only tiny little brook trout but were plenty hard to catch. Skeeter LOVED being outside and being able to explore the world as he pleased. I'm not so sure he loved the night time seein as how every time one of us was awake during the night (which was quite often) he was awake and walkin around or growling at this or that. By the way he was acting Friday I'm pretty sure he didn't do a whole lot of sleeping during the night. I'm not sure if it was the 2 packs of wolves howling back and forth to one another from across the valley we were in or if it was all the new sights and sounds and movements that had him all riled up. Or maybe he just felt the need to protect us since as soon as we were awake and moving around for the day this is how he spent his time. Poor dog. Oh and how those mosquitoes LOVED his blood, even more than they liked ours. As we laid in the tent trying to fall asleep we could hear him snapping at all the little buggers buzzing around him. I really did feel bad for him but not quite enough to let him in to ruin our tent! :) So despite not being the most pleasant camping experience ever, we were in a beautiful location with amazing weather (not too hot or too cold) and I think we could say a good time was had by all! I dunno if we liked so much we can't stay home or we are just too stupid to stay home since we are gonna be camping every weekend the rest of July. Dillon is gonna go this weekend with a friend then next weekend we get to go up to Wyo and go camping with some friends, which I am VERY VERY excited about (Shay I cannot WAIT to see you guys!!), then we are gonna go again the next weekend for our Anniversary, then up to Priest Lake for the Merrill family reunion before coming home just in time to move! Oh yeah, and we finally decided on a place. We are going to be living in......Blackfoot. Well actually just outside of Blackfoot in a place called Riverton and frankly I am VERY excited. So that's about it for us. Lots of going on in the next little while before life slows down a little bit and we close this chapter of our lives and start a new one! YAY!
(By the way...ignore this underlining just randomly started and I can't make it go away! SORRY!)