Saturday, August 8, 2015

12 months!

One whole year!! SERIOUSLY??  This girl has my heart.
 Right before her birthday she came down with a little cold and was actually pretty miserable the day of her birthday :(  She didn't let it get her too down tho and still managed to flash us a few smiles and gave lots and lots of snuggles :)

 Lucy is busy!  Oh so busy!  She is (as usual) always on the move but is still not walking.  Despite the added trouble she will get in to I will admit that I am started to want her to walk just a little bit more.  It would just be that much more convenient and I think she would get less frustrated at times.  But, that's ok.  I will happen all too soon I'm sure.  She has been loving walking holding mom or dads hands lately and have taken a few steps on her own (YAHOO!)  Dillon said the other day that he is pretty sure when we are out of the room or not paying attention she is walking all over ;)  And knowing her personality there might be some truth to that.  haha. 
She still loves food but has her days when she doesn't want anything you give her, even if shes eaten it time and time again.  She does LOVE fruit and I think she will be extremely sad when summer/fruit season comes to an end.  No watermelon for almost a year??!?! Oh dear!  As of the day after her birthday she is officially done with bottles!  She was only taking one right before bed but had started only wanting a couple ounces so I decided to change things up a little bit and take away the bottle. So now we drink some milk from a sippy while we read books and then brush teeth and into bed.  And so far, so good.  She doesn't care one bit that she doesn't get a bottle and loves to drink milk from her sippy :)
She is sleeping really well!  *knock on wood*  She will now let me hold her while I sing to her then lay her down and walk out and just within the last few days again, hasn't even been crying when I leave the room... not even for naps!  GO LUCY!  She goes down for bed between 9-9:30 (we aren't very good at getting to bed early in the summer) and will sleep until between 10-11!!  Since she sleeps in so late she takes one nap usually around 2:30-3 (sometimes a little earlier) and will sleep 2 to sometime 3 (rarely) hours! 
Her hair seems like it is growing an inch a day...I swear!  Especially in the back :)  She can now wear 2 of the cutest little piggytails, as long as she has a headband to cover the front :)  It really is the cutest mullet I have ever seen but probably could stand to be cut just a little bit before too long.  We shall see.  It also seems to be getting more and more curly, but again, just in the back.  And her hair color....far from where it was when she was born!  She is a little blondey through and through now.
She, of course, still loves dad but as of late (like the last few days) has gotten to be a little bit more clingy and wants mom to be holding her just a little bit more.
Has 8 adorable little teeth and Dr said she should be starting to work her first set of molars thru,
they are ready.  
She is definitely a big girl and is in the 75% for weight and 96% for height.  
She loves to be outside and loves to get dirty.  She has a love/hate relationship with both dogs (especially Teton) and gets so mad when they are right up in her face (or when Skeeter is trying to get 2 seconds of attention when Teton isn't hogging it doesn't see Lucy and steps on her or hits her with this butt/tail) but if they are sitting or laying out of reach she will reach for them and squeal :)
She squeals and jabbers and fake laughs and laughs and sings and jabbers NON-STOP.....when we are home.  In public, especially when the attention is on her, she is a stone faced mute.  
Lucy goose we love you more than anything and are so so happy that you have been in our lives for one full year! 
You have changed our lives in so many ways since you came into our arms, but all for the better. 
 Love you goose!