Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Thanksgiving and more

Christmas is in 11 days.... E.L.E.V.E.N days! Seriously? Wow! Where has the time gone? I have no idea.
Well, before we get into the thick of the holidays I decided I better do a quick update. Otherwise it would have to wait until after the holidays which would then make the post forever long and would probably even bore me.
Thanksgiving was great! It was our year to be at the Merrill's and got to go with them to Pasco WA to celebrate with Dillon's gparents and aunt and uncle that live there. One of Dillon's other uncles came too with his wife. It was a long drive with lots of us crammed into the suburban but we made it there and back. We definitely enjoyed the time we got to spend with some of Dillon's family that we don't get to see all that often, but we did miss Taya and Chase who stayed home to celebrate with Chase's family.
We spent our time playing lots and lots of games, eating, playing/watching people play Michael Jackson dancing on X-BOX (which was hilarious by the way), bowling, eating and hanging out. The meal was nothing short of delectable. Dillon's aunt Lisa is an AMAZING cook :) We were sad when the time came to pile back into the suburban and make the trek back, but we were so glad for the time we were able to spend in WA. Thanks again Lisa and family for letting us invade your house and eat all your yummy yummy food! And for everything else, we love you!

Here are a few pics of our fun, but just a few cuz I'm not so good at taking pictures sometimes.
Most of the crew bowlingThe ladies (Aunt Lisa, Momma Merrill, Grandma Merrill)
The men, minus Uncle Todd (Grandpa Merrill and Papa Merrill)
Grandma Merrill showing off her mad bowling skillsTosha bowling, Logan (boyfriend) enjoying the view :)
Uncle Todd and me taking our turn
Dillon bowling another strike I'm sure
Such a cute couple. If I do say so :)
And I did make sure to pull the camera out during the dancing.... here are a few of the best moves :)

Dillon's dad showing us how it's doneMom's turn
LOVE the face Lisa :)
And the best pic I snapped.....Dillon's cousin Kyle.... hahaha
As we wrapped up the Thanksgiving fun we were only 3 short days away from picking my little brother up from the airport. After spending 2 yrs in the Philippines he was finally coming home! On November 30th the ENTIRE Brough family was together at the Idaho Falls airport to welcome Elder Cody Brough home!

HE'S HOME!Huggin mom
Huggin dad
The entire herd back together again!!!
After enjoying a little food I jumped in a car going to SV and Dillon headed back to Blackfoot to finish the week at his internship before coming to join in the fun. We spent the weekend helping Cody speak English again, hearing all about the Philippines, eatin lots of food of course and even tasting a little Filipino food. We also managed to find time to go watch Abbi Jo play basketball and even drug Cody into the freezing cold to chop us down a Christmas tree. Basically we just had a blast hangin out with my little bro again! :)

Cody made us some yummy Filipino food then taught the little ones how the Filipinos eat with their hands. They LOVED that :)
#22, Abbi Jo
Cody freezing. He said that it never got below about 20 degrees celsius his whole mission. That's 68 degrees fahrenheit. He was COLD! :)
Our tree
That's it for now ... MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR :)