Friday, October 9, 2009

Utah trip

I got home last night from my trip to Utah and let me tell you...although I missed my husband SO SO much, I really wish I didn't have to come home. I LOVED the time I was able to spend with Lacie (and a little of Jake) and little miss Sofia. I'm sure Lacie wasn't apposed to me leaving tho since I did cause her a little bit of a headache I'm sure. LOL. Sorry Lacie...but it was a fun adventure, right?? :)
The originial plan had been for me to head to Logan Monday and pick Lacie up from her doctors apt and take her to Ogden and stay the week with her there while Jake stayed in Logan to work but, as we are discovering, with 2 babies in the NICU plans change QUICK! Sofie was taken by ambuance from Ogden to SLC Monday afternoon. She needed to be in Primary Children's Hospital to have surgery done that would place a port (resivoir) in her head to draw fluid off her brain. Although this was not much fun and put the 2 babies in different hospitals in 2 different cities it was nice on my end since Primary's has a far different policy than McKay Dee and since she was now at Primary's I was gonna get to see her!!! :) So Monday night around 4:30 I was able to see little miss Sofia Adell for the first time. It was amazing and heart breaking all at the same time. Although I had seen countless pictures, nothing compared to seein her in real life. Since only 2 people could be at her bedside at a time we had to do some rotating (thank you Lacie and Jake for letting me spend time with her). Since her surgery wasn't until the following afternoon we spent the evening with her Monday then went and got settled at the Ronald McDonald House just a short drive down the hill. Little Sofia's surgery Tues afternoon was short and sweet and did just what it was supposed to do! :) A few hours after surgery Jake had to head back up to Logan to work the rest of the week, leaving Lacie and I on our own in SLC. oh man! Close to an hour after Jake left Lacie and I jumped in my car to head back up to the hospital to spend the evening with Sofie. We pulled out of the house parking lot and instantly I knew something was NOT right with the car but didn't know what it was. I pulled out onto the main road and after going only a few feet I KNEW we had a flat. UGH! After a few blocks of trying to get over so I could pull off the road we got stopped and jumped out to see a terribly flat tire. Now what???? Lacie called Jake and he was already back in Ogden and I called Dillon (since it was his car) for some advice. Lacie and I really didn't know anyone that could be there quick to help up out. (ok, let me explain something that we BOTH had to explain to our husbands...we were on the right hand side of South Temple road in SLC with a flat tire on the on the front drivers side of the car, in the freezing cold, just as it had gotten dark....YES we probably could have put the spare on ourselves but NO, we weren't about to try given the circumstances). So...after a few mins of sittin in the car coming up with a plan we decided to walk the 2 blocks back to the Ronald McDonald house and ask the house manager's husband to come help us. We got back and explained the situation to the lady sitting at the front desk (not the house manager) and she just kinda looked around and didn't know what to say or do. Well right behind her was a guy washing windows. The conversation to follow went like this...
Man (kinda sheepishly): I can do it
Lady: Ok, I guess that can be part of your community service
Man (putting down window washing supplies): Where is your car at?
Me: Um...about 2 blocks down the road on South Temple
Man (lookin at the lady): 2 blocks? Is that ok if I go 2 blocks?
Lady: Yeah that should be fine
Me (silently screaming "AHHHHH"): Thank you so much!
Well, the man was very nice and followed us to the car, got the spare on, and walked on back to the Ronald McDonald house (well that's what he said at least). Lacie and I just kinda stood behind the car together hoping the man wasn't doin community service for something TOO major and being VERY thankful we were on the side of a VERY busy road. (no we didn't snap a picture...dang it). With the spare (very small and scary spare) on we carefully climbed the hill to the Hospital to see miss Sofia. We were there for only about 10 mins then got kicked out of the room so they could bring in a VERY sick little baby. We weren't able to go back in that night cuz the baby needed so much attention having just gotten there. So...we limped back down the hill to our room. We decided to stay put for the night. That night we laid in bed and talked until almost Midnight just talking and laughing and being silly sisters! :) The next morning I drug Lacie out of bed bright and early and headed to a Big-O, that was luckily just straight down South Temple, to get the flat fixed. After the flat was fixed the man working told me he was a little concered about the tire since it had been driven on. I explained that I was driving home to Idaho on the interstate the next day and the nice man rotated the bum tire to the back and told me I should be fine. to the hospital, just in time for free breakfast! :) That day great Gma and Gpa Hunter made a suprise visit to see little miss Sofia (nicknamed by all her nurses as the "dancing queen" since she LOVES to move around). After their visit and as they were leaving Gpa gave me a little toy to keep me busy in the NICU. So of course I propped it on top of Sofia's incubator as some Halloween decor. Well by that night the poor little guy had fallen (when the top had been off to work on little Sofie) and gotten stuck in the incubator. OH NO! The nurse that night was kinda grumpy and didn't really seem like she wanted us there (she had good reason that I won't explain cuz it is WAY too sad and breaks my heart thinkin about it) so we didn't know what to do to get it out ourselves without askin her to "pop the top." So Lacie worked at it a bit but manager to pop the little guys arm off (OOPS) but eventually got him out. She quickly made me shove it in my purse and never get it out again! lol. Well the next day was our last and unfortunately a very quick day. We went and saw Sofie that morning then had to head out and clean our room at Ronald McDonald house before we could check out and leave...then had to meet a guy and pick up a pup for my dad. (I will definately leave out all that drama for ya'll, but to give you an idea, I named the pup Pita. It stands for "Pain In The A**, she was cute tho). So we got her and headed to Ogden to drop Lacie off to see her little man Lukas. I dropped her off and me and Pita hit the road again. I dropped her off in Preston with Bill and Nicole (thanks again for meeting me at the exit you guys!!! :) then FINALLY found my way home to my HUBBY!!! WOW...that was a long post.
But THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Lacie, Jake and Sofia for letting me come and invade and spend time with all of you. I know I caused a little added stress to your life Lacie (sorry) but it really was fun and I'm SO glad I got to come down. I miss you all already! (just wish I could have met my man Luke, oh well, rules will be rules).


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Time for a break!

WOW...I can't believe that it is Oct 1st and the weather is FREEZING! Time is flying by. Life for us has been just plain crazy busy and just really not much fun lately. BUT, I am SO excited that we live in Idaho right now and that I am working for an Idaho school district so that I can have a FULL WEEK OF WORK OFF!!!! YAY! Because of no work next week I'm headed off to Utah to stay with my amazing sister and her beautiful little babes! (by the way...if you haven't figured it out, these little ones have their own blog so check out the "Bastow Miracle Babies" link on my blog list). YAY! Too bad BYU-I doesn't let their students out for Harvest Break, which means that I'll be leavin my hubby home alone :( Even though I'll miss him lots and lots I know he'll be just fine. He probably won't even notice I'm not in the same state as him seein as how we never see eachother anyways. Sorry you don't get a break honey...I'll enjoy mine extra lots for ya! :)