Friday, March 22, 2013

2013 Reset Button

We are only 3 months into 2013, but oh what a year it has been already.  Two weekends ago Dillon and I were talking about how we needed to find the Reset button on 2013 and start it all over.  We have had one thing right after another creep into our lives.

Dillon got hit with a cold the end of Jan and it lasted F.O.R.E.V.E.R!  Like from the end of Jan til the first part of March forever.  Just when we would think he was getting on top of it he would have one, maybe two pretty good days and then it would be back, full force or worse.

As he was fighting his nasty nasty cold and fighting to stay well enough to go to his 40 + hour a week (unpaid) internship everyday he was also fighting to find the time and energy to work on his professional project.  The professional project that his advisor had dropped the ball on and had to come out with a very rigorous schedule Dillon and his group have to follow in order to get done in time.  If the schedule wasn't/isn't followed exactly, graduation could be pushed to August.  PLEASE NO!

In January we were planning to do a third IUI to try to become pregnant.  We almost weren't able to do it with timing and weekends and schedules and everything else which caused a few very stressful days.  But, we ending up being able to have it done.  Only to find out it was unsuccessful. :( AND, the ultrasound tech noticed I have a heart shaped uterus that would need a closer look if we didn't become pregnant and possibly surgery. :(

We were hoping to have a nice relaxing birthday weekend for Dillon on the 22nd of February but Dillon was STILL not feeling well and to top it off he got pulled over on our way to a birthday dinner at Texas Roadhouse with his family and got hit with a nice little speeding ticket.  So much for a relaxing birthday.

For the next few weeks we continued jugging along; Dillon busting his butt at his internship and working on his professional project every spare second; me going to work, babysitting Mon and Wed afternoons, cleaning house for a lady every other Tues, going to mutual Tues nights, coaching YW volleyball and playing women's volleyball Wed nights.

The first Wed in March I spent all evening coaching our wards YW in our stake tournament.  I had to wait for Dillon to get home from his internship to finish babysitting for me before I could head over to the Stake Center.  I was in a huge hurry to get there before I was too late and didn't stop to get gas on my way in.  Bad choice.  After my girls got eliminated from the tournament (they played hard though), one of the dad's offered to take us to go get ice cream.  On the way I ran out of gas.  My first time ever to run out of gas, and let me tell you, it will also be my last.  It wasn't as easy as I thought it would be to just have Dillon come in and fill it up with some gas while we got our ice cream and be done with it.  Oh no, 2 hours later (about 11pm) we got home with only one car.  We had tried everything but couldn't get the car to start.  Turns out when I ran it out of gas I blew the fuel pump.  Awesome.  Mechanics were going to charge anywhere from $400 to $600 to fix it.  I lost it and became a huge emotional mess for 2 straight days.

The next week we went in for the closer look at my heart shaped uterus by having a Hysterosonogram and it was confirmed that I would need surgery.  I have been on my parents insurance but my birthday is coming up quick and I will turn 26, thus kicking me off of my parents insurance.  So, if we were going to be having surgery it needed to happen right away or would have to wait however many months until Dillon gets a job with insurance. 

Isn't it amazing how when it rains, it pours?  Truly.  Every time, without fail.  These 3 months of 2013 have tested us to our limits.  But do you know what else is amazing?  That even amongst the trials Heavenly Father gives us, He doesn't leave us to go through them alone.  He helps us make it through each and every one.  It is amazing to look back over the last 3 months and see just how the Lord has blessed us through each and every trial.  He loves us, He truly truly does. 

We were able to finally get our hands on a prescription for Dillon's cold and it cleared it up within days.  And I was able to stay healthy the entire time he was sick (nothing short of a miracle for my immune system!)

Dillon's group has been able to stay on track with their project and they are so very close to being done.

Dillon's internship advisors have been so good to work with him and allow for time off for sickness when he needed it and for time off to run to Dr appointments with me.

Because of this IUI we were able to discover the heart shape of my uterus and because it was unsuccessful we were able to take a closer look and discover that yes we would need surgery but that that was good news because it means the heart shape can be fixed; increasing our chances with fertility and decreasing our risk of miscarriage.

Dillon was able to take back his birthday presents, boo :( , and have just enough money to pay his speeding ticket.

I have an amazing coworker who has an amazing husband and son who was willing to come and help Dillon put a new fuel pump in the car.  Saving us hundreds of dollars.

My dad's new job in Alaska came with amazing insurance that will cover most of the cost of the surgery and we were able to get it all approved and set up to happen before my birthday.

I have been saving my cleaning and babysitting money so far this year in my sock drawer for a rainy day.  I ended up having almost exactly what we needed to cover the new fuel pump and what we owe upfront for surgery. 

The Lord loves us.  Even when we feel totally and completely forsaken, He is there.  He wants to and will help us find the strength to 'climb our mountains.'

"Strength is not something you have, but something God helps you find" Emma Smith

Here is to a better last 9 months of 2013!