Saturday, February 7, 2015

6 months!

 6 months old!
This little girl is no longer my 'little' girl!  At her 6 months appointment she weighed in at 17 lbs 7 oz (75%tile) and measured 28 inches long (100%tile).  She is an army crawling pro and is getting into everything!  Movies...decorations...diapers...the garbage....nothing is safe anymore.  She will get up on her hands and knees and act like she's gonna take off but will usually just rock back and forth then face plant it or if she is on the hardwood floor her knees will just slip out from under her making it impossible to crawl..  But she just keeps trying!  She is sitting up like a champ and only falls over when she is trying to get a toy she can't reach of wiggling around to see someone or something.
Still refluxing and spitting up... A LOT!  We did take her back in this month and upped her dose of medicine and are now thickening everything she eats in hopes that it will stay down better.  Officially done nursing.
To say that this month was a rough month of sleep would be an understatement.  Between transiting from being swaddled to not, reflux, teething and the fact that she is ALWAYS moving, even in her sleep....we have had a lot of sleepless nights.  We are working on sleeping better again tho and hopefully before long mom will be able to get more than a few hours of sleep in one stretch.  And teeth??  She FINALLY popped her first one thru 2 days before her 6 month birthday!  YAY!!!
This silly girl is always moving and always has to know where mom and dad are (spoiled!)  She is starting to love to be teased and still has a love/hate relationship with being tickled.  She loves it and will giggle and giggle but the second she has had enough...she has had enough and will immediately start crying.  She seems to be starting to respond to her name which has been fun.  She talks and talks and talks and talks!  Especially when she is tired.  It is so fun to sit and listen to her babble and talk and tell all sorts of stories!  Overall she is just too grown up!  But we love this stage and all the fun things she is doing and learning.  
Love our little Goose more than anything and find it so hard to believe we have been graced with her smile for 1/2 a year already!!!