Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bengal Basketball

We finally did it. Last month we finally made it to an ISU game of any kind.
We tried going to a basketball game earlier in the season with some friends but were disappointed to find out (after we got there) that Dillon and his friend Terry did not have the new student ID cards and therefore they would each have to buy a ticket for themselves at full price then pay full price for us wives to get in (instead of at 1/2 price). So, since we weren't about to pay over $30 each couple to watch the ball game, we left. And since we don't live in Pocatello Terry and Sarah were kind enough to let us come crash their house. So after getting some yummy ice cream it was off to their house for a movie. It wasn't how we planned the night but still fun nonetheless.
Thanks Terry, Sarah & Bryker :)

Well a couple months later, and after Dillon got the new ID card, we tried one more time to go watch the Bengals at their last home game of the season. Terry and Sarah weren't able to go with us this time but thankfully Dillon and I were able to get in at the free and discounted student/spouse rate. We weren't expecting much since it is ISU sports but, much to our surprise it was a lot more fun than we thought it'd be. But that doesn't mean it still didn't completely remind me of a HS game, especially since they weren't even planning in the Mini Dome due to High School State Wrestling Tournament. Ha Ha.
After an intense game against Sacramento State the Bengals were beat by 3 points. But of course we had to document the occasion with a few pictures since it was our first and possibly last ISU Bengal Basketball game :)
Coming down from a dunk, that he missed :)
At least his went in
I tried the whole second half to get a good picture of this guys hair......but this is the best I could get. If you can't tell, he takes his Bengal basketball season very seriously by cutting his hair to look like tiger strips.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Happy Birthday

Feb 22nd was Dillon's 27th birthday! TWENTY SEVEN! In 3 short years he will be 30. I'm married to an old man.
For his big day we really didn't do much. We went to school and work as usual. Boring. When he got home from school he did homework. Boring. When he got sick of doing homework he opened presents. I wish I could say that this part of the day was not boring but, when you are poor college kids birthday presents really aren't very excited. Just necessities.
Modeling his new hunting vest
After the present opening fun we headed up to Shelley to hang out with Dillon's family. All of Dillon's siblings had things going on that night so it was just us and his parents. They took us to Texas Roadhouse for dinner (yummy yummy) then it was back to their house for some African pie and hot tubing.
Getting a Texas Roadhouse birthday "YEE-HAW!" (he loved it ;)
Overall it was a pretty chill day but still a fun day.
Hope you had a Happy Birthday Love! Happy 27!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

President's Day Weekend

For President's Day weekend we took advantage of not having school or work Monday and took off to spend time with both our families. We started off in Star Valley Sat morning where my mom and sisters and I had ourselves a little craft girls day. We spent the day crafting away, most of us making fun spring wreaths while the others brought projects from home that needed finished. We always love the idea of getting together and doing crafts but once we get underway, we wonder why the crap we thought it would be fun! HA HA. But in the end it really is fun and I personally think everything turned out really cute!

Sister's crafting...cute.
Good thing you can't hear us all cussing at our flowers. or each other :)
My wreath
That night we put the boys in charge of babysitting and us girls hit the town! Oh the thrills of having a night on the town when you live in SV. We started the night off by eating out. Usually when the girls are together and we have to decide where to eat... it. takes. forever. We all suck at making decisions. But, lucky for us....this decision was easy. Not everybody likes Mexican, Emily didn't want Pizza Hut, Burger King was quickly vetoed so hometown Hegg's was it. After a very entertaining and yummy dinner we couldn't head back home too soon so instead, what did we do? (Remember we were in SV). We cruised main of course. And oh what a thrilling 5 mins it was!! :) Then, it was time to head home and make sure the kids were still alive and my parents house was still standing. The rest of the night was spent just hanging out, playing some Just Dance, and just having fun. Sunday afternoon as everyone headed to church we skipped out on church (sinners, I know) and headed to Ogden to meet Dillon's family up Ogden Canyon.

Me kicking Emily's butt in 'Just Dance'
The little ones LOVE 'Just Dance'
Even "pintheth sotha" (translation: princess sofa) joins in on the dancing.
Don't mind my face, she farted. Guess it was just too much "hard work" :)
Sunday evening was spent hanging out, hot tubing, and having fun. Monday morning? Skiing of course. Now, I really am not a skier. I skied for the first time with Dillon 4 years ago at Kelly's Canyon in Rexburg for about 2 hours. Then just a few days later I spent 2 FULL DAYS skiing with Dillon's family. It was intense. The next time I went was with his family again in 2010 (only 1 day this time) and then this year. So, I'm really not very good. There is much too long of a break in between each time. Too bad it's such an expensive sport. But, despite not being very good and being VERY VERY sore the days to follow, it was a lot of fun!

Riding the lift with the Merrill boys.
Landon, Beau, Dillon
At the top
Then we got home and it was back to school and work. ugh. But it was a very nice weekend away spending time with our families.