Saturday, November 8, 2014

3 months old

Already? 3 months old!  
This girl is growing like crazy!  Each day it seems like she is doing something new and showing us just how determined she is to grown up.  She can now hold her own toys, loves to 'coo'sand babble and yell when she doesn't get her way (oh boy!), has found her hands and LOVES to suck and suck on them then gets her fingers and sticks them as far down her throat as she can thus gagging herself all. the. time.  There seems to have been a 'happy' shot included in her batch of 2 month shots, this past month has been SO much happier!  Still battling the reflux and still on the meds but seems to be doing better all the time.  She is still getting up once a night around 4am sometimes 5am, and a few times 5:30 or 6.  Mom really likes those nights :)  I have been subbing at the school every now and then and went into to work on her 3 month birthday while daddy babysat.  When I came home for lunch she decided she was old enough to roll from her tummy to back!
It is so fun to see which milestone she will hit next and when she decides to show it off.
We love you Lucy girl!